A Rare Sunday Blog Post…

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I don’t usually post on Sundays. I like to spend weekends with my family and not think too much about work for a couple of days. I think most of you can relate.

But today is different. Why is it different? Well, for one, 79 A.D. goes live tomorrow. I’m not sure how it works, but someone told me that it will go live at midnight tonight. Don’t hold me to that, though, because I could be wrong. So, for all of you who have been waiting, today is the very last day you will have to go without 79 A.D. Awesome, huh? Ok, well…awesome to me, anyway.

Today is also different because of this fantastic review of 79 A.D. that just went live today. The review comes from Tammy at TTC Books and More, and it’s a really, really good one. After I read Tammy’s review, I wanted to go out and buy 79 A.D. myself, and I wrote the darn thing. :)

So of course I wanted to share this wonderful review with all of you. Who wouldn’t?

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for 79 A.D. to come out, and a huge thank you to everyone who pre-ordered their copy in advance. I quietly set myself a sales goal for 79 A.D.’s pre-order, and this morning (the day before the book goes live) I woke up to find that the book had achieved that goal. While that is probably only important to me, it felt good to see that number reached. So again, a huge thank you to everyone who helped it get there. You guys are the best!

And now I am going to go back to my family and enjoy the rest of my weekend, which you folks helped to make awesome. Thanks again, and have a fantastic day.

Tomorrow, folks! 79 A.D. is out tomorrow! Enjoy!

I Screwed Up…

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So, uh…you know that whole June 29th thing? Well, I kinda messed up. I was working in CreateSpace to get the print version of 79 A.D. going and I apparently approved it for sale. Right now.

So…yeah. 79 A.D. is available in print at this very moment. Oops!

Oh, well. Enjoy!

And it’s a good one. :)

The review site Relaxed Reads posted their review of 79 A.D. today.

In case you are curious, here is what it says:

“Review: 79 A.D by David McAfee

Since Londinium, Taras and Theron have gone their separate ways. One now roams the Spanish countryside, feeding on robbers and bandits, while the other hides in a cave on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, experimenting with his newfound powers. Neither has thought much about the other over the last eighteen years.

But Baella, the ancient renegade, has plans for the pair, and her plans don’t involve letting the two live out their lives in relative peace. Through her treachery, they are reunited in Pompeii, but not even Baella can stop the coming cataclysm.

Powerful forces are rising in the world of the Bachiyr, and Taras and Theron may find themselves caught up in something much bigger than they can imagine. That is, if either of them survive the mountain’s fiery anger.

~My 4.75* Review~

Disclaimer: I received a free advanced copy of 79 A.D from the author in exchange for nothing more than an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

79 A.D is a continuation of Mr McAfee’s Bachiyr series, if you haven’t read the other books in this series then I strongly advise you go and get book 1; 33 A.D; and book 2; 61 A.D; and read them before going any further!

As expected 79 A.D continues with Theron and Taras’ Bachiyr adventures. It too sees the return of Ramah, Herris; sorry Headcouncil Herris! There are some new characters too, some who are quite likable some that you just want to die already!!

The plot is fab and I was hooked from the beginning. Mr McAfee has some interesting ideas and twists throughout, and I loved reading who each one played out. This is one author that I’m unable to second guess what’s going to happen next.

Mr McAfee’s writing style is fantabulous too, he’s not afraid to be mean to the main characters and I love how the Bachiyr are depicted as cruel, blood thirsty demons not sparkly lovable creatures! The plot moves at a good pace; for me there was no slow parts; no where I felt like skimming over or skipping a page or two. The details given are enough to enable my mind to conjure up a very clear image of the scenes and characters, and to enable me to feel a part of the story too.

79 A.D was well worth the wait and I wasn’t disappointed, that said I would have liked it to have been a bit longer, but all good; no sorry; all great things come in small packages!!! :)

In conclusion 79 A.D gets a huge 4.75* rating from me!!

So if your looking for a GREAT vampire series the The Bachiyr novels by David McAfee should be right up your street. See below for the other books in this series and other books by Mr McAfee too.

Thank you to Mr McAfee for allowing the chance to read and review 79 A.D early!

(Coming soon will be my reviews of 33 A.D, 61 A.D and After: Taras and Theron / Beyond Jerusalem)”

Not too shabby, eh?


Yep. That’s a fresh box of Bachiyr goodness. Hot off the press. What am I going to do with these, you ask?

I am going to give them to you. Yep.

But the thing is, this isn’t all. I also have a box of my other books en route. I will be giving those to you guys, as well. Signed, sealed, and all that jazz.

What do you have to do to get one?

Heh heh.

Goooood question…


By the time most of you read this, it will be Tuesday the 23rd. Which means only six days until 79 A.D. goes live. :)

79AD Cover - EBOOK

I like this book. I like this cover. I like that the print version may be available at the same time as the Kindle version. I can’t wait!

Another Review! Yay, Me!

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I received another reader review today, and yes, I have to share it here. This one comes from Mikle Stanley, and it’s great!

“79 A.D. By David McAfee

Allow me to start this review with a disclaimer. I did receive and early copy from the author in agreement to write an honest review, and as such here goes.

I have read pretty much everything Mr. McAfee has written thus far. Some of his books are more enjoyable than others but that is how it goes with any artist in any medium. This book is a continuation of the Bachiyr series that was started with 33 A.D. If you are not familiar with what a Bachiyr is or 33 A.D. I would suggest you stop reading this review now and go buy that! 79 A.D. Is actually the 4th installment in the series and it keeps things moving along nicely! All the favorites are back from Theron and Taras to Ramah and Herris…errrr I meant Headcouncil Herris, along with some new interesting characters and some that you just wish would shut up and DIE already. I won’t tell you which is which because that takes the fun out of it.

As far as a new entry in the series, this book sets up some amazingly interesting new story lines that I can’t wait to explore. I honestly was surprised several times during this book (sadly this doesn’t happen enough when you read as much as I do) and have no clue where Mr. McAfee is going to take us next. The only thing I can say to it is I can’t wait to go. Over all I would give this book, on a scale of 1-5 a very, very solid 4.25. The biggest thing holding it back was it took a while to get this book, lol which shows the Mr. McAfee has a life but it is also a little short of a read for my taste. Normally I would accuse an Author of trying to milk the readers for more money but that is just not the case as he vastly under charges for his work. Anyway just when you are getting into it, bam it feels like it’s over. Perhaps this is just my experience as I could read about the adventures of the Bachiyr for days and days and days. In fact that is exactly what I did bc it took me about 2 weeks to read but I would just savor a few chapters each night before bed and sleep on it.

So What it boils down to is this, if you like interesting Vampire novels (not sparkling) and intriguing characters BUY THIS BOOK. Bachiyr are an exciting take and the way he mixes history/religion in with the series keeps it fresh. Hopefully you have already read the other books in the series and understand what I am talking about but if not do so as I do feel they are must read material to properly enjoy such a fine piece of work.”

As I told Mikle in my reply, I’ll take a 4.25 out of 5 all day long, every day! Make no mistake, I enjoy getting glowing reviews that tell me how much a reader loved my book, but I also enjoy getting reviews with a critical element. I feel that knowing what works or what doesn’t work helps me to become a better writer, and the only way I know these things is if readers tell me. Now, most of the review is filled with glowing praise for the book, and that, too, makes me smile. Big time.

So thank you for the fantastic and honest review, Mikle! It made my day. :)

On another note, I have just uploaded the Bachiyr Omnibus to Smashwords, so it will soon find its way into all the other non-Kindle outlets. This way, those of you who read on Nooks or iPads won’t be left out. Cool, huh? See, I got your back, e-readers of the world!

Lastly, the print cover had some issues. I (hopefully) fixed them, and should have the opportunity to load 79 A.D. up as a print book tomorrow. I hope. So print readers, I got your backs, too. ;)

Okay, I need to get back to work. All this formatting and uploading has taken a lot of time away from BAIT, and I really, really want to get that out to you folks ASAP.


Ooooh, Shiny!

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I just uploaded this to Kindle. :) It will be available for pre-order soon. The release will be 7/6/2015. One week after 79 A.D.

David is happy. And sleepy.

In addition, I uploaded the digital file for 79 A.D. to Smashwords, who distributes my books to other outlets like Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc. That pre-order should be live in a day or so. I also uploaded all the print files for 79 A.D., so I should have some print copies to give away soon.

And I will be having a giveaway. It’s long past time I did one. To prepare for it, I ordered several print copies of all my books (all the books that are available in print format, that is.) So make sure you check back here on Monday, when I announce my next contest. Who doesn’t love free books, right?