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More Typos…

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Damn it. Two more typos. Fixing the digital files is a snap. Fixing the print files?


Just finished fixing all the files, now I have to upload them. At least I am able to do that, though. It would seriously suck if I couldn’t fix it.

It’s Past 2 AM…

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

…yet I’m still up working on this damn print file for the Omnibus. Why? Because when it arrived today, the interior looked like this:


AAAAUUUUGH! The whole darn book was filled with those weird spacing errors. Every. Single. Page.

So I think it was an embedding error, but I took this as an opportunity to clean up a few other things. Only taken me…um…five hours so far.


I need sleep.

All right, folks. It’s time.


Since I have four separate sets of books to give away, I have decided to run four separate contests. I plan to do one a week, with the details for each new contest revealed on Monday night. The prize for these little fun thingies will be signed copies of 33 A.D., 61 A.D., 79 A.D., Saying Goodbye to the Sun, Old Sins, and NASTY LITTLE F!#*ERS. I have a proof copy of the omnibus en route, as well, and I will probably mix it in with one of the boxes that goes out the door.

So, are you ready to learn what this week’s contest is? Well, here we go.

It’s not really a contest. Or maybe it is. I’m just a writer, so you decide. Basically, one of my readers is going to get a nice “Thank You” from me. The catch? Well, you’ve heard me talk about reviews and how important they are, so what I want to know is have you left a review for any of my books? It can be anywhere on the web: your blog, a comment on facebook, a detailed review on Amazon, whatever! If you told a friend on Twitter that you read so-and-so book and what you thought of it, that counts.

Also, it does NOT have to be a favorable review. Did you hate NASTY LITTLE F!#*ERS? Did you tell a buddy on Facebook that it sucked more than plain rice on soggy bread? THAT COUNTS! A 1 star review of 33 A.D. on Amazon? That counts, too. It can even be two words like “loved it” or “It Sucked” as long as it is obvious what you were referencing.

All I am interested in is this: did you leave something, somewhere, that mentioned my work in any capacity?

If you did, and you are not afraid to post the link in the comments, then please leave a link so my handful of readers and I can go see them. I will enter the names into a spreadsheet, and Sunday Night I will visit to determine a winner. That person will win six signed books by yours truly. Neat, huh?

This may seem like a shameless grab for reviews, but then again…

…okay, enough about that. Now it’s time to post some links. Loved it? Hated it? Wanted to wipe your dog’s butt with it but was afraid it would make the dog sick? If you told someone about it, let me know. It could win you six signed books, which you can promptly use to line a birdcage, make some nifty torches, or throw at people who annoy you. (The Omnibus in particular should be quite heavy…)



To me , anyway. Just got my first shipment of 79 A.D. print books. :)


Cool, huh? Well, I think it’s cool. It also means that, finally, the gang’s all here.


So…you guys remember a while ago when I said I was going to give you some books? Yeah, I knew you would. ;) All told, I have ordered seven complete sets of my printed works. Not all of them are for the giveaway, mind you. Some are for friends, some are for my “Free McAfee for Life” contest (You guys remember that one, right? Only one winner actually came forward to claim her prize.) and some are for my personal bookshelf. But three lucky people are going to get signed print copies of the following titles:

33 A.D.
61 A.D.
79 A.D.
Saying Goodbye to the Sun
Old Sins

Does that sound like something you’d enjoy? Of course it does. So how do you win? Well…not yet. Details on the contest will be revealed in the next few days, so stay tuned to the blog. The reason for the delay is not as nefarious as you might think. I’m actually hoping I can give away a couple of Omnibus Editions, as well. But I can’t include them until I know they are going to be printable. I do know they are gonna be some thick suckers! Over 700 pages of Bloody Bachiyr Mayhem. And I’m reaaaaaally fond of the cover, which looks like this:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00041]

Cool, huh? of course it is. I just finished uploading all the files and setting the distribution channels for it, so as long as the Amazon review goes well it should be available soon. I’ll have to order a proof, of course, but none of that should take too long.

So anyway, in closing, paperbacks are here. Yes, I’ll be giving some away. No, I can’t do it quite yet. Because I’m evil. Any further questions will have to be directed to my assistant, who doesn’t exist. As such, it might take a while for him to get back to you. Good help is sooo hard to find…


It’s Alive!

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Finally! After far, far too long, 79 A.D. is out and available for you to read. Even more amazing (to me, anyway) is that I was actually able to get both the print version and the ebook version out at the same time. Sales today have been brisk. Not “New House and a Ferrari” brisk, but good enough that I am smiling.

At least until the reviews start coming in.

This is the real test. The book did great with the advance readers, but now it’s swimming with the sharks, so to speak. I no longer have any fingernails. I’ve eaten them. This part is always nerve-wracking.

Tonight I will finish the print version of the Bachiyr Omnibus, and I will upload what I have to Amazon so that it, too, will be available in print. I very much doubt it will be available the same day, however. In fact, I’m certain it won’t. It will probably be a week behind, but a week isn’t too bad, is it?

Also, Lyrical Darkness seems to be doing well. It has garnered two 5 star reviews thus far. If you like short, dark fiction, you should pick up a copy. It’s available in both print and ebook formats.

Okay, I am going to go for now. I want to get this omnibus up and running so I can get back to work on BAIT. I hope you folks have a fantastic night, and thank you so much for making 79 A.D.‘s opening day so awesome!


A Rare Sunday Blog Post…

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

I don’t usually post on Sundays. I like to spend weekends with my family and not think too much about work for a couple of days. I think most of you can relate.

But today is different. Why is it different? Well, for one, 79 A.D. goes live tomorrow. I’m not sure how it works, but someone told me that it will go live at midnight tonight. Don’t hold me to that, though, because I could be wrong. So, for all of you who have been waiting, today is the very last day you will have to go without 79 A.D. Awesome, huh? Ok, well…awesome to me, anyway.

Today is also different because of this fantastic review of 79 A.D. that just went live today. The review comes from Tammy at TTC Books and More, and it’s a really, really good one. After I read Tammy’s review, I wanted to go out and buy 79 A.D. myself, and I wrote the darn thing. :)

So of course I wanted to share this wonderful review with all of you. Who wouldn’t?

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for 79 A.D. to come out, and a huge thank you to everyone who pre-ordered their copy in advance. I quietly set myself a sales goal for 79 A.D.’s pre-order, and this morning (the day before the book goes live) I woke up to find that the book had achieved that goal. While that is probably only important to me, it felt good to see that number reached. So again, a huge thank you to everyone who helped it get there. You guys are the best!

And now I am going to go back to my family and enjoy the rest of my weekend, which you folks helped to make awesome. Thanks again, and have a fantastic day.

Tomorrow, folks! 79 A.D. is out tomorrow! Enjoy!

I Screwed Up…

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, uh…you know that whole June 29th thing? Well, I kinda messed up. I was working in CreateSpace to get the print version of 79 A.D. going and I apparently approved it for sale. Right now.

So…yeah. 79 A.D. is available in print at this very moment. Oops!

Oh, well. Enjoy!