A Rare Sunday Blog Post…

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

I don’t usually post on Sundays. I like to spend weekends with my family and not think too much about work for a couple of days. I think most of you can relate.

But today is different. Why is it different? Well, for one, 79 A.D. goes live tomorrow. I’m not sure how it works, but someone told me that it will go live at midnight tonight. Don’t hold me to that, though, because I could be wrong. So, for all of you who have been waiting, today is the very last day you will have to go without 79 A.D. Awesome, huh? Ok, well…awesome to me, anyway.

Today is also different because of this fantastic review of 79 A.D. that just went live today. The review comes from Tammy at TTC Books and More, and it’s a really, really good one. After I read Tammy’s review, I wanted to go out and buy 79 A.D. myself, and I wrote the darn thing. 🙂

So of course I wanted to share this wonderful review with all of you. Who wouldn’t?

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for 79 A.D. to come out, and a huge thank you to everyone who pre-ordered their copy in advance. I quietly set myself a sales goal for 79 A.D.’s pre-order, and this morning (the day before the book goes live) I woke up to find that the book had achieved that goal. While that is probably only important to me, it felt good to see that number reached. So again, a huge thank you to everyone who helped it get there. You guys are the best!

And now I am going to go back to my family and enjoy the rest of my weekend, which you folks helped to make awesome. Thanks again, and have a fantastic day.

Tomorrow, folks! 79 A.D. is out tomorrow! Enjoy!


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