Another Review, and a blurb from Jeremy Robinson!

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

I received another advance reader review this morning from Phil Lindsey. I just had to share it with you guys. Here it is, reprinted with Phil’s permission:

“David McAfee. Some of you may know the name and most of you may not. You should. Mr. McAfee is an independent author that I managed to stumble upon whilst browsing the horror section on Amazon’s kindle store. I came across the book titled 33 A.D. and I was immediately intrigued.
Set in Jerusalem during the time of Christ, David gives us our first glimpse of the Bachiyr. An ancient and secretive order of vampires that have existed alongside the human race for thousands of years. Choosing this setting was a risk in itself. An area in time that nearly everyone in the world is familiar with, how could a book based on supernatural beings brazenly exist in an era where Jesus Christ walked? It did, and it was brilliant. David has a way of setting the background of his books in familiar historical settings, and it works. One of the things I enjoyed most about this first in the Bachiyr series, is that I don’t recall David using the term vampire very often. His story revolves around the Bachiyr, which for all intents and purposes are indeed vampires, and by using the term he manages to distance himself from a term that Hollywood has managed to glamorize. The lore of the vampire has lost it’s way. We now have vampires that sparkle and a ton of Hollywood movies that have done anything but make the monster scary. If left up to David we may soon have our redemption.
If you haven’t read 33 A.D., by all means, do yourself a favor and start here. If you have, and have also followed with 61 A.D., then prepare yourself, for I was granted the opportunity to preview the next installment in the bachiyr series, and let me tell you it was so worth the wait.

79 A.D.

Set during the impending doom of Pompeii, Mr. McAfee picks right up with our familiar friends we’ve come to know so well… or so we thought. He manages to grasp your attention with the first page and then force feeds you a tour de force that’s guaranteed to leave you begging for seconds… and thirds. We get to see a little deeper into the souls of his characters as he fleshes out their adventure with deeper intent, but it doesn’t stop there. As we near the peril that Mt. Vesuvius is about to rain down on Pompeii, David gives us a story that keeps the oncoming cataclysm in the background and focuses on the events within the realm of the Bachiyr and with each page the pressure intensifies. We have Theron, practicing his new found powers on an unlikely subject,making strides in such a manner that he has aroused the interest of Baella the ancient renegade vampire. Baella, wanting nothing more than the destruction of the council, enlists the help of Theron’s progeny Taras and sets things in motion that lead them to a crossroads that no one will suspect… oh and into the path of Ramah, the blood letter. He doesn’t just give us a book about the Bachiyr that we love, but he also introduces some characters from the realm of mortals that actually stand on their own even when inhabiting the same pages of his more pronounced Bachiyr. To say that I enjoyed 79 A.D. immensely is an understatement, I would go as far as to say that 79 A.D. is fuel for a fire destined to become a raging inferno.

79 A.D. does for the Bachiyr series exactly what it should. Instead of fizzling into the ashes of terrible sequels it rises like a kick ass phoenix and singes your eyebrows in the process.”

How’s that? Cool, yes? David likes. Thanks a million, Phil!

I also got a blurb from none other than international bestselling author Jeremy Robinson, who also writes under the names Jeremey Bishop and Jeremiah Knight. Check it out:

“David McAfee combines historical fiction with vampires like no one else, boldly merging frightening lore with real events to create stories that are impossible to put down.” — Jeremy Robinson, international bestselling author of Project Nemesis and Island 731

That’s gonna look great on the cover, isn’t it?

Speaking of the cover, I should get back to it. I have a deadline, after all… 😉


  1. 4knots says:

    Congrats, David! From Tony’s Mom…

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