I Am Supposed To Be Writing, But…

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well, I got the news today. There will not be a 33 A.D. movie at this time. The option deal that I signed back in 2013 expires at the end of this month, and the production company has elected not to renew it.

I know, I know. That’s a heart breaker. I promise you that no one is more disappointed about this news than I am. I know a lot of you were looking forward to seeing Taras and Theron on the silver screen. So was I. Alas…

The thing to remember here is that movies are a business, and a very, very tough business, at that. Well over 95% of books that get optioned for film are never made into movies. That percentage varies from year to year, but it’s always ridiculously low. There are only so many slots for new films, and so most new projects never get off the ground.

33 A.D. is one of those. For now, anyway.

Sad as this made me, I still feel privileged that the opportunity came my way at all. It would have been great to see my book made into a film, but just having the film optioned is more than most writers ever get. I can take that and be happy with it for now.

33 A.D. will get another shot at the screen. I’m sure of it. It might be next month or it might be twenty years from now, but I know it will get there eventually.

And so, even though I should be working, I’ve been kind of mopey today. Out of curiosity, I downloaded every sales report from Amazon since I first published 33 A.D. I used to keep track of sales, but I stopped doing that back in 2012. So I had no idea what my numbers were. It turns out they are pretty good, at least for a self-published writer who never does any promotion.

33 A.D. has sold just a hair under 33,000 copies on Kindle alone. I don’t have the numbers for print, Apple, Smashwords, B&N, or any other format, so I still don’t have an exact count. Still, 33,000 Kindle copies sold seems pretty dang good to me.

So here is my take away from that number: I need to promote more. In looking through the month-by-month results, I always did much better on the months that included at least one promotional thing. Since the ultimate goal is to make a living at this, I really should do something every single month.

That and write more.

So I guess I should get off here and finish those scenes I talked about yesterday, huh? I wrote three of them last night. Just one to go. Of course, it’s a quarter to 1:00 here, and I’m sleepy. So we’ll see how much of it I get done. 😉


  1. Movie deal or not…you’re still the BOMB-Diggity-Bomb-a-licious, David MF’kn McAfee!

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