Wow. Has it really been over a year?

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ok. I suck. A lot.

Most of the time I can be found on Facebook, where I am a bit more active in interacting with people. But that’s no excuse for ignoring this blog for so long. At issue, of course, is time. As the primary caregiver to two small children, time is precious to me, and there never seems to be enough of it to do all the things a solid writing career demands, like promotion, marketing, connecting with readers, or…you know…writing. 😛

So my wife and I were discussing this the other night and we came to the conclusion that I should just stay up late at night to get some work done while everyone is asleep. Tonight is the first night of that, and as you can see, I’m actually blogging. Woohoo! Not quite the same thing as getting some actual writing done, but still important. I intend to do more of it in the coming weeks as I work my way into my new schedule. At the very least I should be able to post updates on a semi-daily basis.

I hope.

In any case, just so you know, 79 A.D. is finished and on my editor’s desk. He’s been a bit under the weather lately and so has not gotten to dig too deep into the manuscript, but it’s coming. Finally.

I am working on a new project called BAIT, which is about a junkie who hunts Bachiyr. He uses himself as bait, hence the title. I don’t want to go into it too much right now, but there will be more information posted here in the coming weeks. The next Taras and Theron book is in the development phase, which basically means I’m still cooking it up in my head for the nonce.

If you are curious about the film for 33 A.D., let me just say that I am, too. As yet, there has been no news from Hollywood. These things take time, I’m told, so I’ll keep sitting here with fingers crossed hoping you guys all get to see Taras on the Silver Screen in my lifetime. I’ve always pictured him as looking like Chris Helmsworth, although other readers have suggested Alexander Skarsgaard. I suppose either would be fine with me. Heck, they could get Rick Moranis to play Taras and I’d probably be on board with it. Ok, maybe not Rick Moranis…

In any case, that’s most of the news that is fit for consumption. I hope the two people who will read this enjoy it. I will be posting more in the coming weeks and months (really!), so I hope you folks are ready to start hearing from me again.

See Ya!


  1. John Riek says:

    Fantastic to hear from you again. (I always check your blog for news about 79 AD.) Hope all is great with you. Keep writing!

    • mcafeeland says:

      All is well. Adapting to a new writing schedule that has me at my desk much more often. That’s a good thing.

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