And The Winner Is…

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

There were plenty of entries that made me laugh, like the one about saving money on car insurance and the one about zombies in Fifty Shades of Gray, but one of the entries seriously cracked me up. Here is is:

Sorry folks, but I have the inside information:
You are a transvestite who goes by the name Luscious Von Shtupp. You served some time in prison after a botched attempt to kidnap Rush Limbaugh and keep him as a sex slave. During your time in jail you wrote your books in a effort to keep “that sexy man” out of your head. After your release you provided information to the authorities about a torrid night you spent with Bea Arthur, 2 goats and a midget. Due to Bea’s connections with the Amish Mafia, you were placed into witness protection. But, now, the Fed’s believe that enough time has passed since Bea died and have agreed to take you out of Witness Protect, in order to follow your true dream of writing a series of coffee table books titled “The Exciting World Of Underwater Basket Weaving”, under your “real” name, Luscious.

Yep. Bill Landers, you win the autographed copy of 33 A.D. and the $10 Amazon gift card. Woohooo! Congratulations!

Email me at Monkeyfeet73 (at) yahoo dot com and I’ll get your information. Thanks for the brilliant laugh. All my readers can now refer to me as Luscious or just Miss Shtupp.

In other news, I received the contracts for my big news the day before yesterday. This means I should be able to make an official announcement next week. Stay tuned, folks!

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