Mystery SOLVED!

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, file this under the tag “THAT explains it!”

Recently, I have noticed a drop in my clothing count. Pants, socks, unmentionables, etc. seemed to be disappearing from my dresser. We have been making regular trips from the house in AL to the one in TN, so I simply assumed I was leaving clothes in Knoxville by mistake. But lately it has gotten to the point where I don’t have enough pairs of pants or socks to make it through a solid week in AL, which doesn’t add up. Again, I just figured I was screwing up somehow.

Then, this morning, Cole was in our bedroom while I was making the bed. I watched him walk over to the clothes hamper and pull out out one of Heather’s shirts. He then proceeded to take the shirt over to the extra dresser (we have two, but only use one) and put the shirt into the bottom drawer. When he opened the drawer, I saw that it was FULL of clothes. Pants, shirts, socks, underwear…all dirty, and stuffed into the drawer so tightly that he couldn’t fit the new shirt into it.

So there you have it. I have not been leaving my pants in another state, my two-year-old son has been hoarding them.

  1. Angel says:

    OMG so cute! lol

  2. Tyhitia says:

    Bwwwwwaaaahahahaha. Too funny and too cute. 😀

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