For These Things, I Am Thankful…

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized



So today is Thanksgiving, a day in which we Americans are supposed to pause between mouthfuls of turkey, football, and conversation to reflect on the many things we have for which we should be thankful. Some of us have more than others, and some of us have less, but I can say with absolute certainty, having traveled extensively, that all Americans have more than most. Even in the worst days, the American People are rich by the standards of many. For that, we should all be collectively thankful.

But that goes without saying, I suppose. And so I want to take a moment to talk about some of the other things for which I, individually, am thankful:

I am not a religious man, but I am far from an atheist. So I am thankful that God (or Allah, or Jehovah, if you prefer) allowed me to wake up this morning and continue to draw breath.

I am thankful for my lovely wife, who puts up with far more than she should have to because, for some reason, she loves me and thinks I am worth it.

I am thankful for my beautiful, intelligent daughter, who taught me (even though I was a slow learner) how to be a father.

I am thankful for my son, who has filled my heart and my life with childlike wonder and innocence at a time when I didn’t even know I needed it.

I am thankful for my family, both for those who have been here for years and those with whom I have only recently reconnected. The older I get, the more important they become.

I am thankful for those who read my books and enjoy them. Without your support I would not be able to do what I do.

I am thankful for those who read my books and hate them. Without their input I would not know which areas of my work need the most improvement.

Last, but not least, I am thankful for our men and women in uniform. Every day, those men and women wake up, put on their uniforms, and go to work. That uniform is a statement to you, the American civilian. It says “I am willing to die for you.”

Every single man and woman who puts on that uniform is a braver and better person than I could ever be, and for that, I am thankful.

Tomorrow, millions of us will be battling each other for deals on goods and gifts, forgetting in our quest for bargains the very lessons of today. Being thankful will lose out to seeking bargains, and the mad holiday rush will begin. So before that happens, take a moment to look at the list above and see if there is anything on it for which you are thankful. If you are among family and friends today, hug them, tell them you love them, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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