The First Review For OLD SINS Is IN!

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Old Sins, aka The Gallows Tree, is finally out.

Well, actually, it’s been out for almost a week. It had a quiet release on Saturday, October 13th with very little promotion or fanfare, and now the first review is in. I have been waiting for this moment. Dreading it, even. Old Sins is such a disturbing, even offensive, story that I just knew the reviews were going to pan it and call me every name under the sun. That’s why I waited so long to publish this book.

Well, today is the day. Imagine my joy when I saw it was five stars. 🙂 Here is the review, written by Marisa Brown:

“Disturbing. Just, disturbing. Which I guess is the point, it being a horror novel and all. Very well written, riveting story, and a must read for any horror lover. It could definitely be offensive, but there is a powerful message behind it.

Highly, highly recommended.”
Not too shabby, eh? Right now Old Sins is only available as an ebook, but I will be working on the print version soon and expect to make it available within a month or so.

UPDATE: Old Sins also received its first blurb this morning:

“Old Sins delivers a return to old-school rural horror in the tradition of Stephen King. Character, suspense, chills–check, check, check. McAfee is a Mack Daddy of the horror genre.” – Scott Nicholson, The Home

Scott is a MASTER of the horror genre, so this made my week!

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