These Things Make Me Happy…

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Things that make me happy:

Walking through my front yard while holding my 14 month old son’s hand.

Kissing my wife, especially after a long day or first thing in the morning.

My daughter’s smile.

Sitting in the living room with the three people I just mentioned and watching Sesame Street on a Saturday morning.

Getting an email from someone who has read my books, especially when they email me to tell me they liked them. (I like it when they email to tell me they hated the book, too…I just like it better when they enjoy it.)

Reading a new positive review on Amazon.

Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook and seeing them again for the first time in decades.

Correct contest entries. 😉

Coming home to people who love me.


Pushing the pedal to the floor in my 2005 Mustang GT and feeling the whiplash as I accelerate past anything slow or foolish enough to think they can challenge the awesome pony power of…of…of…

Things that make me UNhappy:

Realizing I just sounded like a stupid commercial…

  1. Kat says:

    There is nothing with stupid commercials..we all need an excuse to go to the bathroom or get something to drink! Sounds like you have a pretty good list! Things that make me happy are: Reading a good book (a category yours fall into now that I have read some), spending time with my family, and when my husband and I go camping on weekends in the summer and also when I bake something and the person I made it for loves it.

  2. Erin McIntyre says:

    I am happy reading David McAfee books!

  3. Sharon McGovern says:

    David…..for the life of me, I can not figure out how to enter your contest!!!! Haaaaaaaalp!

    • mcafeeland says:

      Just send me an email telling me what you think the next book is about. Email address is Monkeyfeet73(at) Replace the (at) with @

  4. Linda Allmon says:

    I enjoyed your post, funny thing I enjoy basially the same thing you do except it is spending every weekend with my 18 month old granddaughter whom grandma love soooo much.

  5. I agree completely, except for the Seaseme Street.. Thank the PTB that I have finished THAT.. now it is Pokemon and the like.
    and mine is not a mustang. but a Cadillac Deville d’Elegance that makes a NOM NOM NOM sound as it eats up the road past the little rice burners… HMMMMMMM!!!!! even better with my 20yr old son yelling ” MOM cut it out” from the passenger seat….. muahahahah

    • mcafeeland says:

      It’s always fun when you can embarrass your kids simply by enjoying your life. Kinda like a two-for-one deal. 🙂

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