The Next Matt Cahill Book Is Out!

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

That’s right, for all you fans of The Dead Man books, here is the latest installment. Fire and Ice, by Jude Hardin. Here’s a quick look at the cover:

“The saga of Matthew Cahill continues as the man who sees a nightmarish netherworld nobody else does fights to save us all—and his own soul—from the clutches of the purely evil Mr. Dark.

On Matt’s third day of temping at a plant, disgruntled former worker Kevin Radowski (aka K-Rad) walks in and starts shooting. As the day progresses and the body count rises, Matt finds himself locked inside with four fellow employees—and no discernible way out. Matt soon realizes K-Rad has more in mind than killing his co-workers…he’s using the chemicals available to blow the plant, and several square blocks of surrounding businesses and residences, sky high. But just when Matt thinks things can’t get any worse, Mr. Dark steps into the game, raising the stakes in a gruesome and horrifying way.

Fire and Ice delivers the non-stop action, high body count, and edgy thrills that make The Dead Man series impossible to put down.”

Sound cool? That’s ’cause it is. One of the best books in an already great series. So do yourself a favor and check it out.

  1. Sharon Delap says:

    Post them today!!!!

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