I Need Your Help!

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Help Me Decide!

Hi Folks! I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I’ve been sitting here trying to think of what I want to write next and I keep running into the Indecision Wall. You know the one. I get there and I can’t get past it because in order to do so, I have to decide. I suck at those. Just like writing a synopsis.

So, in this glorious digital age in which we live, I thought I would give you guys a voice in what I write about next. How cool is that? Do other authors do this? I dunno. Maybe. I’m sure I’m not the first. Then again, maybe I am. That’d make me a trendsetter. I can do that. I think. No, no I’m sure I can. Then again, maybe not. Then again, maybe I’ve had too much coffee. Who knows?

I guess it’ll have to remain one of life’s great mysteries. Sorta.

Anyway, all that blathering does have a point. I promise. See, I have several projects in mind that I can work on, and I am going to post a little bit about them here. Then you guys can read them and tell me which one sounds like a winner to you. Keep in mind that just having a project to work on doesn’t mean it will hit Kindle any time soon. Every full length project I write has to go through my agent first. Ready? Ok, here we go.

1. Finish The Gallows Tree. This is a book about a small town in east Tennessee that is haunted by the spirit of a young black boy who was lynched there in 1959. PROS: This would be the easiest of all the choices because the first draft of The Gallos Tree is already finished. All I have to do is edit and revise it, and I already know some key points that I want to change. I could have it ready in a month. CONS: I like to have something to edit on the back burner. Right now Tree is the only thing I have that is ready for edits, so if I finish it, I will have no edit projects in the wings. What this means is that I will have to finish TWO projects after it is done before I can think about editing again.

2. Sequel to Saying Goodbye to the Sun. This would continue the story of Vincent, the nice-guy-turned-Bachiyr that was my first character creation. PROS: The character of Joel Kagan would would play a major role in this, and he’s a personal favorite of mine. Also, I really enjoyed Saying Goodbye, and would love to visit Vincent again. CONS: The sequel to Saying Goodbye, as it is currently planned, takes place near the end of the Bachiyr series. If I write it now, it will give away a lot of what is to happen in the coming Taras and Theron novels.

3. Next Bachiyr book. The plot for this book is not completely fleshed out yet, but it would involve Taras, Theron, and bring back Baella, who is another favorite of mine. PROS: This series is what pays the bills for me. I have a bunch of books available, but 33 A.D. and 61 A.D. are, by far, my biggest sellers. They keep the lights on, and I would expect another book in the series to do quite well. CONS: As I said, this book isn’t much more than a vague idea at this point. I will be starting it from scratch, which means lots of research and stuff like that there.

4. Bait. This is a book I’m really looking forward to finishing. It’s about a drug addict who hunts vampires in a very odd way. I can almost guarantee you guys have never heard of this before, and it lets me look at the Bachiyr from a different perspective. PROS: This story is about halfway finished in first draft form. I have the ending set, and a really good beginning, and I’m working through the middle right now. I haven’t worked on it in a while due to other projects, but it should be easy to get back into it because I love the plot. CONS: Though the book is halfway done, I will need to go back and scrap about 10,000 words before I can keep going. I took a wrong turn back there and I need to find out what went wrong.

5. A third short story anthology. PROS: I love these because they are fast and hard. The 100 word bites are a major challenge, and I have been itching to get back into the EXHIBIT A/B/C world of shorts. I may even turn those into a novel someday. Also, being a short book, I won’t need to send it to my agent before publishing it, which means it could be available in a matter of weeks. CONS: Unlike any of the novels I’ve suggested, this would be a bargain price book at 99 cents. I don’t make much money on those, but I like doing them because they are fun and the lower price is a nice way to introduce people to my work. Also, some readers tend not to like these collections, feeling that the 100 word stories aren’t satisfying.

6. Something different. No idea what this is, but I could cook up something completely different.

So there you have it. Six things I could be working on right now instead of blogging or whittling the time away on Facebook. I can’t decide which one to do, so I am asking you, my loyal readers (All three of you!), to give me your input. What would you like to see come out of McAfee Land next?

  1. Cindy Wallace says:

    I vote for something dealing with vampires. If the sequel to “Saying Goodbye to the Sun” would reveal too much about your Taras and Theron novels, then I’d prefer that you wait awhile. That said, I vote for either the next Bachiyr novel or “Bait.” Just my 2 cents’ worth of opinion.

  2. My vote is either the next Bachiyr book or Bait. I really liked ‘Saying Goodbye to the Sun” but I don’t want any spoilers. I am also interested in more on Ramah (in ‘Saying Goodbye’ it seemed like he was starting to give up the Bachiyr way-of-life and that maybe he’d do something desperate).

    Also, I found tons of typos in the Kindle versions of 61ad and Saying Goodbye.

    • mcafeeland says:

      Hi Danny. I replied to your email but it came back as undeliverable. 😦 Anyway, I said thanks for letting em know about the typos, and I can always use another beta!

      • Do you know which email you replied to… a yahoo or a uc.edu one?

      • mcafeeland says:

        I believe it was Yahoo.

      • Danny says:

        Do you have an email that I can send you the typos that I found in the Kindle versions of 61ad and Saying Goodbye? And I’d like to get on your list of beta readers if possible.

      • mcafeeland says:

        The last email you sent me came through just fine, I just couldn’t send a reply for some reason. And of course I’ll add you.

      • mcafeeland says:

        Hi Danny,

        I went through your list of typos for 61 A.D. Thanks! When did you buy your copy? I only ask because most of the ones you noted had previously been corrected. You may have gotten an older version.


  3. Robin Reed says:

    I usually have something stuck in the story pipeline, and all other stories back up and cause the system to overload if I don’t get that one out. One of these must call to you and demand to be written.
    (Though I do want to know more about Kagan.)

  4. BTackitt says:

    Bait. Then edit Gallows Tree. That gives you plenty pf time to mull over a sequel to 61 AD. Write it, edit Bait. Then push through the flash fiction, edit the 61AD sequel. Write the sequel to Saying Goodbye to the Sun, but for goodness sake, don;t pub it until all the rest of the series is done.

  5. Paul McCann says:

    Anything Bachiyr sounds great to me. Number 4 sounds like the most interesting at the moment. I trust your creativity for the most part. It might be more interesting for you to take a different direction too. If its a kick for you, its likely to be a kick for us readers too.

  6. Chris C says:

    I vote, as most have done, and in order of preference
    1) Bait
    2) Gallows Tree
    3) the next Bachiyr novel featuring Taras and Theron

    My rationale is this: After 61 AD, it is good to let the anticipation build up for the next in the series. WIth a related story like Bait, it gives a fresh perspective, and give the impatient reader something to chew on in the meantime.
    As for Gallows Tree, it makes sense to finish something when the hard work has already been done. I like the idea of a filler before I read about Taras and Theron again. Iti s like how i filled the spaces with The Lake before getting my hands on 61 AD.
    For the next Theron novel, perhaps you could address what I felt was an inconsistency (but I can well be wrong). Vincent in “Saying Goodbye” only completed his transformation when Lannis said the ancient prayer in addition to feeding him her own blood. Theron feeding Taras his Bachiyr blood was an accident, so how did Theron turn into a full vampire. Wouldn’t he have become something like Kagan instead?

    • mcafeeland says:

      Excellent observation, Chris. I’m surprised no one else has mentioned it before. I should probably expand on that at some point, but for now I’ll give you the short version. The ritual is not *strictly* necessary for transformation. It’s a product of the Council that they use to guide and shape the new Bachiyr the way they want them. Sanders tried to use it on Kagan, but he messed it up, which is why Kagan is the way he is. Left to their own, the Bachiyr transformation is somewhat unpredictable, giving you results that range from Baella to Taras and then some.

      • Chris C says:

        Thanks so much for clearing that up. 33 AD was my first paid Kindle book, so it is special to me not just because it is such a great story but it also marked my first foray into the Kindle universe. Keep those wonderful stories coming!

  7. sammy says:

    I vote for the next Bachiyr story. I just found 33 AD and 61AD on Amazon Kindle and devoured them both. I’m checking out some of your other books, but can’t wait for the third Bachiyr story!

  8. Donna Flud says:

    I can’t wait for book 3 in the Bachiyr series…PLEASE hurry !

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