ireaderreview calls 33 A.D. “…one of the 10 best books I’ve read on the Kindle.”

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s the link. I’m down toward the bottom. Cool, huh?

Only thing I can say about that:

Immediately after that post went live, sales for 33 A.D. took off. In the 24 hours immediately following the post, I sold over 200 copies. That shoved 33 A.D. into the top 500 Kindle books on Amazon and gave it its second #1 Horror title in Kindle UK. Of course, sales have fallen off quite a bit since, as 33 A.D. never seems able to sustain massive sales on its own, but it sure was cool while it lasted. And, with any luck, some of those folks will read it, post reviews, talk about it, etc, and Round 2 can begin. (No, I’m not holding my breath…)

Thank you for an awesome day, ireaderreview. 🙂


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