Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well folks, I have some news:

Ghostwriter Publications has finally paid me the money they owed for some chapbooks I ordered in June of 2009. Given that Neil never paid me in over a year, I think the month that it took Stephen James Price to make good on his word is more than acceptable. I should note that Mr. Price did say he would pay me with the next round of royalties from Amazon, and that I expected it to take a month or more, so I am not complaining at all about the timeline. To be sure, we are not talking about a lot of money, here, but it was nice to get it back, just the same.

I believe the payment sent to me was for chapbooks I ordered, and not any royalties owed me by GWP. Honestly, I can’t fault Price for that because no one, with the possible exception of Neil Jackson himself, knows how many copies of Creature Feature and my chapbook were sold. I could make up a number, but that number would place me atop the NYT Bestseller list and would most assuredly be off by several powers of ten.

I don’t know if I will ever get those royalties, which probably don’t amount to much, but I will take a moment to thank Mr. Price for reimbursing me the money I spent on GWP chapbooks that were never delivered. Mr. Price, it seems, is genuinely interested in repairing the image of the company. I wish him the very best of luck.

  1. Dana Wright says:

    Hi. I just heard about 33AD and wondered if you do reviewer copies for bloggers. I saw one site that you had sent one to and I just wanted to ask. I have several blogs and bookselling connections.

    Dana @ book girl knitting

  2. Jaq says:

    I don’t think Creature Feature was ever released to the public, Dave.
    Guy Smith sent me a copy, it’s a POD book for sure.

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