New Wind Blowing At Ghostwriter Publications?

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I just received a communication from the new Man In Charge at Ghostwriter Publications. The individual asked me not to quote him, so I won’t. In fact, I won’t even identify him, except to say that it isn’t Neil Jackson, who has apparently stepped down.

But it seems the new head honcho of GWP is making an effort to square away the amounts owed to its authors, past and present, and restore some measure of good will among the writing community.

I wish this person the best of luck with both. It’s nice to see a change take place. I’ll be sure and keep you all posted as to how it plays out.

  1. I am the new man behind Ghostwriter Publications, USA. I am looking forward to some excitng new changes going down the pipeline and welcome all comments (goor or bad).

    You can contact me at:

  2. Carson Buckingham says:

    If the new guy asked you not to name or quote him, it’s not really sounding like much of a change from NJ. Sounds like the same old ass covering again.

    I’ll believe the change when I see it. Talk is cheap.

    Would any of you who have posted to this list consider giving GWP another go? I have such a bad taste in my mouth that it would take an awful lot for me to give them a second chance. Add that to the fact that NJ still owns part of the company, and I’d have to say no. Why doesn’t this new guy just start his own publishing house without all this baggage that NJ left in his wake? New house, new name, and leave Neil out of it completely. Why would anyone want to take over GWP and have to claen up NJ’s mess?

    It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, I’m afraid.

    Best to all,

    • Carson,

      I didn’t not ask not to be named. I asked not to be quoted from my chat conversation because things have a way of being taken out of context.

      You are correct. Talk is cheap. I’m here to publish the best books and shorts in a digital format that I can.

      I’m not going to “bash” anyone from the present or the past, but I will address your comment about starting my own publishing house.

      I actually looked into this before I decided to follow my current path.

      GWP has a very sound business plan, some knowledgable backers and some very good authors on board. My plan is to take these things and make the digital side of GWP the best that it can be.

      As for the comment about people giving GWP a second chance, I guess the people that are still buying Toyotas are doing just that, giving the company a second chance. I wasn’t here before October 1 of this year, so GWP’s past is simply that, the past.

      I am here for the present and for the future. Anyone can eMail me directly at

  3. Carson Buckingham says:

    Though you may be here for the present and the future, you still have a lot of cleaning up to do, my friend, and I don’t envy you the task. With the carnage Neil left in his wake, there aren’t too many of the old guard who will forget that too soon. People were screwed over more than financially. Dreams were “realized” then shattered. There was one person who posted here whose son was suicidal over it. Snatching finances is one thing–shattering hopes is quite another.

    Believe me, please, that this is nothing personal. I do truly wish you the best of luck in your new venture. It is a daunting task to walk behind the elephant with a shovel.

    I’m still curious as to why you opted to assume the GWP name and the horrible reputation that went with it rather than start your own house and be free of all that. And I’m wondering about your backers, that they would research GWP, realize the hideous reputation, and still funnel money into it. And please don’t get defensive over this last paragraph. I’m sure you can understand why this seems kind of unusual–especially in the present economy.


  4. mcafeeland says:

    I’m preparing a set of interview questions for Stephen that I will post here to my blog. He has agreed to answer them. Give me a couple of days to get everything together and hopefully we can give him a chance to answer some of our questions.

    I know how bad of a taste GWP has left in people’s mouths as much as anyone, having been in the thick of the nastiness myself. But I’m going to reserve judgement until I see what changes Stephen is making.

  5. Carson Buckingham says:

    According to NJ’s facebook page, he will still be doing all the covers for the new USA GWP venture. And if this is true, then no one will be able to escape working with him…

  6. Carson Buckingham says:

    The point I was attempting to make is that Neil is difficult to work with and one must walk on eggshells to do it. Question him about a cover idea or…gasp…actually dislike a cover idea and wait and see what happens.

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