Thanks To You, My September Has Been Amazing!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

OK, I want to recap my last post. Milestones I hit this month.

33 A.D.: sold its 1,500th Kindle copy.
The Lake and 17 Other Stories: sold its 500th Kindle copy.
Saying Goodbye to the Sun: sold its 250th Kindle copy.
GRUBS: sold its 100th Kindle copy.
Total Number of Kindle Books Sold: passed 2,000, then passed 2,500.

How cool is that? 6 milestones in one month. Could September get any better?

Turns out the answer is a resounding YES!

When I woke up yesterday morning (9/28/10), I had sold 943 Kindle books for the month of September. 57 short of 1,000. I thought no way I hit 1,000 today, but I should hit it tomorrow.

Last night at about 11:30 PM, someone bought that 57th book. I couldn’t believe it.

1,000 Kindle books sold in September with two days left. How off the wall cool is that? It’s my fist 4 digit month ever. Other writers sell huge, massive amounts of Kindle books every month. Amanda Hocking, for example, has sold 20,000 books this year. Unless I’m mistaken, she published her first one around the same time I did. Let’s check the score.

Amanda Hocking: 20,000.
David McAfee: Less than 3,000.

Clearly, Amanda is beating the snot out of me, and she isn’t the only one. Writers like Joe Konrath, Karen McQuestion, D.B. Henson, Zoe Winters, and Willie Meikle routinely sell thousands of ebooks every month. Now, that shouldn’t be interpreted as bitter. Those writers worked hard to get where they are and they are all very talented. They deserve those sales if anyone does.

But even they once had a time when they didn’t sell 1,000 copies in a month. For some of them, that time was very short. For others, it took a few years.

What does that mean for me?

It means I’m on the right track.

Here’s to October.

Some exciting things coming up for me next month. First, my radio spots go live in October. Jennifer Alexander, the midday DJ for local radio station B97.5, will feature 33 A.D. as her Book Club Book for October. She’ll be giving away one copy per week, and I believe I’ll have two radio spots per day all month long that talk about the book.

Also, Amanda Hocking (who is super nice and a lovely woman – you should all buy her books and read them ASAP) informed me this morning that she is going to recommend my book, GRUBS, on her blog next month because “it was the most creeped out I’ve ever been reading anything AND it gave me nightmares, which books never do.”

How cool is that? Not that I gave her nightmares, I wasn’t trying for that, but that she liked the book enough to recommend it. That’s off the frickin’ wall!

Thanks, Amanda!

Thanks also to every other writer I’ve ever talked to, commiserated with, laughed with, gotten nervous with, and even gotten irritated with. I have learned at least one thing from each and every one of you, and I’m itching with excitement over writing my next round of Acknowledgements.

And thank you as well to every single one of you that has picked up one of my books or will in the future. That’s not a feeling I can ever fully explain. Words like awesome and incredible and amazing just don’t quite get there.

Awed, maybe.

Anyway, I should get back to work. Once again, thank you, guys, for making my September so amazing.

  1. Way to go David! Am so happy for you!

    Can’t wait to see what October brings you…

  2. Thanks For All You Do…

    […] s not a feeling I can ever fully explain. Words like awesome and incredible and […]…

  3. Congrats, Dave!

    However, you’ve only sold 25 copies of Saying Goodbye? For some reason, that seems off. What do you attribute that to, anyway?

    Just curious.


  4. DavidRM says:


    I can only envy the snot-beating you’re taking… 😉

    Here’s hoping for an even better October.


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