September Rocks!

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

September has been a good month for me. Not as good as August, but still pretty darn good. In August, I did my first bit of advertising, and it worked quite well. In September, I have not done any advertising, but still have sold over 750 Kindle books, and the month isn’t over yet. Could this be my first 1,000 book month?

Probably not. But it’s coming. 🙂

What did happen this month is I hit a few milestones. 33 A.D. sold its 1,500th Kindle copy, GRUBS sold its 100th Kindle copy, Saying Goodbye to the Sun sold its 250th Kindle copy, and The Lake and 17 Other Stories sold its 500th Kindle copy. Also, I hit the 2,000, and then the 2,500 mark for total book sales. To me, that’s pretty cool. 2,500 people I’ve never met have bought my books. With luck, most of them like it and tell their friends. That’s how word of mouth works.

Still, one of the coolest things that has happened to me this month was getting mentioned on author J.A. Konrath’s blog.. I haven’t had anywhere near the success he has, but he’s been doing this longer than I have and has 19 books out compared to my 4. Give me time, and I’ll catch up. OK, maybe not completely, but I do think I can at least close the gap a bit.

Some weird things happened this month, too. One reviewer on Goodreads accused me of trying to promote a Christian agenda with 33 A.D. Since I’m not even Christian, that was news to me. I wonder if she wrote reviews about Clash of the Titans accusing the producers of trying to promote a Greek Pantheon agenda. Probably not.

I will probably do a longer blog post about some things that the reviewer made me think about in the coming weeks, but not today. Today is a happy blog post. Milestones. Thousands of books sold. Managed to get on J.A. Konrath’s radar…kinda. At least he knows I exist. That’s something, right?

Yep. Today is a happy day.

Oh, and I saved the best for last. Today we have another appointment for an ultrasound. 20 weeks. If we were going to find out the baby’s gender, this would be the one they would use to tell us. But we aren’t. We decided to wait until the baby is born.

Crazy? What do you mean?

OK, maybe a little. 😉

  1. Jeff Bryan says:

    Congratulations, David! You are probably one of the most successful “purely indie” writers so far, as far as somebody who didn’t come from a traditional publishing career (like Konrath). Maybe you should write a guide for indie writers sometime in the future!

    Also, congratulations on your baby. We just found out my wife is pregnant for the first time, tooo.

  2. I didn’t make his list. Sad face 😦

  3. Joe Konrath says:

    I’ve bought four of your ebooks. Does that count?

    And I’ll add you to my list, David Dalglish. I get all you Davids mixed up…

  4. Jarrett Rush says:

    Bought your books and now has commented on your blog. How’s that for Joe Konrath knowing you exist?

    Congrats on all the success. It’s guys like you and the other David that give hope to those of us just getting started in this thing.

  5. Jeff Bryan says:


    You ended up with a little shout-out in my interview with a review blogger here:

  6. […] McAfee Land NOTE: BLOG IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION « September Rocks! […]

  7. Jeff Bryan says:

    Hey, you’re lucky I’ve had no time to read! I actually bought 33 AD like 2-3 weeks ago. So I’m still “currently reading” it :).

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