Lots Of Cool Stuff Going On

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

OK, for startes, since I know most of you are wondering, Heather is doing just fine. The baby is coming along just as it’s supposed to, and should grace us with his/her presence next February. We don’t intend to learn the gender in advance, so we’ll be doing the nursery in neutral colors. Actually, we’ve decided on an animal theme. I’ll start painting the walls in the next few weeks. I’ll be hand painting all the animals, so wish me luck. here’s hoping they look like what they are supposed to.


For book news, there’s a decent bit to share. But since I don’t want to write a fifty page blog bost, I’ll summarize for you.

1. 33 A.D. (Kindle) sold its 1,000th copy sometime overnight last night. One Thousand copies. that still boggles my mind. To all of you who bought a copy for your Kindle, thank you so much. This is a huge milestone for an Indie author like me, and you’ll never know how much it means to pass it.

2. Between all four books (again, Kindle), I have now sold 1,500 books. Another nice milestone. The big suprise for me so far is the success of The Lake and 17 Other Stories. On some days, it actually outsells 33 A.D.! never would I have guessed that tiny collection of short horror stories would be that popular. Maybe I should have submitted them first, huh? By the time this month is over, it will have sold more copies in it’s first three months than 33 A.D. It’s almost there now. hopefully it continues to do well.

3. Amazon put the Kindle version of 33 A.D. on sale. I believe this is due to competition from Kobo, which seems to mark all books down by 20%. That’s part of the biz, I suppose. It makes me a little less on royalties per book, but on the bright side i’ve noticed a nice uptick in sales that more than make up for it. here’s hoping they continue.

4. I finally got a few negative reviews. One is on a blog, and the other two are on Goodreads. I’d been dreading them for so long it’s actually a relief for them to finally show up. I’d link to them so you guys could read ’em but I just don’t feel like it.

5. Jennifer alexander, the midday host for Knoxville’s B97.5 radio station, has selected 33 A.D. to be her Book Club book for October 2010. how cool is that? They’ll play radio promos for the book, have drawings, and basically do a lot of promotion that I could never do on my own. And if that’s not enough, I also get to do a book signing at a Haunted House on October 23. Neat, huh? Talk about the perfect setting. In order to be fully prepared, I am finally going to get off my rump and format Saying Goodbye to the Sun and GRUBS for print, just so I can have a few extra books laying on my table. I don’t plan to release The Lake and 17 Other Stories in print because as short as it is, it just wouldn’t be cost-effective.

Well, that’s about it for now, folks. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Keep posted to this site for more details about the Book Club and haunted House.

See Y’all!

  1. Hey, just a thought on The Lake in print… I’ll bet some other authors would donate some short stories to beef it up if you wanted to make it long enough for a print book. Just to have their name out there and all. Just a thought.

  2. David,

    That’s all great news! Congratulations. The radio spot is awesome. Way to go!


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