School Shopping. What Fun!

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today was “Tax-Free” here in Tennessee. They do a tax free weekend every year here. I think they do it in almost every state, but I’m not msure. So since my daughter starts school in a little over a week, we picked the tax free weekend to go school shopping. You’d think we’d know better by now.

On top of the crowds and the traffic and the pillaged look of most of the shelves, it was friggin’ HOT outside. I think it got up to 97. I know there are plenty of places that are hotter, but when you factor in the inherent humidity of the Tennessee Valley and the heat index, it makes for some unpleasant shopping weather.

Oh, and money. Let’s not forget the money. Coulda bought groceries for the month! OK, that might be a slight exagerration, but still. Seems like school clothes get more and more expensive every year. Oh, and I restrained myself this year. Usually I get a couple of pairs of pants, some shoes, and a new shirt or two on tax free weekend, too. Not this year. I was good. 🙂

OK, so after one heck of a week, it looks like 33 A.D. has come back down to earth. Sales are still steady, but the blitz of new readers has slowed waaaay down. I love the Amazon DTP setup for the ease of use and the ability to see how many copies have sold and how much I have made. Still making about a good car payment every month. Nothing to retire on, but at least I’m building a readership and slowly gaining a fan base. I even got a fan letter last week! How cool is that? I know plenty of authors who have email inboxes and snail mail boxes that are positively stuffed to the brim with fan mail, and for them it’s gotten routine. But for me, fan mail is like sweet Ambrosia. The Nectar of the Gods squeezed into a bunch of bits and bites, transferred through the air via magical things called “wireless routers,” and then absorbed into my body through my eyes. Pretty amazing feeling.

So, anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, sales. Sales are going well. i still haven’t sold anything in Kindle UK, but the US sales keep coming. And since I’ve managed to sell a handful of print copies in the UK, I guess I can’t complain. Although one weird thing is that Amazon put the Kindle version of 33 A.D. on sale, and took the print version off sale. Amazon is now selling the print copy at the full cover price. I have no idea why that changed, since the discount through LSI remains the same, but at the moment print sales are a very small part of my overall picture. Heck, three of my books aren’t even available in print, even though I keep meaning to make them so. I’ve got some downtime coming up, maybe I’ll get some of that formatting work done. Although the In-Laws are coming to visit next week, so probably not. Not that they are annoying or anything, it’s just that with them here, I’ll end up spending more time with them than doing anything else.

OK, that’s about it for now. I’m going to try to update the blog more regularly, just in case some of my new readers decide to drop in and say hello. So keep reading this space, more news is bound to show up sooner or later.

See Y’all!

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