Just A Quick Note

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

To tell y’all I haven’t died or anything. I’ve had a few things going on that needed attention, but I’m back now. I even started writing again last night. Real writing. Not editing or formatting or any of those other things self published authors have to do on their own.

I worked on BAIT last night. BAIT is one of my more interesting concepts in vampire fiction, at least in my opinion. I don’t want to give away too much info yet because the first draft isn’t even done, but BAIT is about a man who hunts the Bachiyr in a very unusual way. That’s all I’m gonna say for the moment. Once the first draft for BAIT is finished I will start working on the sequel to 33 A.D.

33 A.D. is doing well. It’s sold almost 600 Kindle copies and should crack 1,000 in the next month or so. Print-wise, not as good, but I haven’t been marketing the print version much. Maybe after tha January book signing I’ll look at more ways to market print. Right now, it’s just easier to market the ebooks, and more affordable.

The other books are selling, but nowhere near as well as 33 A.D. The big surprise to me is that The Lake and 17 Other Stories is outselling Saying Goodbye to the Sun and GRUBS. Typically, anthologies don’t do as well as novels, so to have the anthology outselling not just one but two of my mnovels… well, that just seems odd. But I’m not complaining. At least people are buying it.

Heather went in for her 2nd Dr. appointment yesterday and all is well with the baby and with her so far. She brought home new ultrasound pics, but I didn’t get them scanned last night. I will scan them tonight and post them here. The baby is actually starting to look like a baby.

Neat! 🙂

OK, that’s about all I have for now. Have a great day, everyone!

And now, for no reason at all, a pic of my car. 🙂

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