Brand New Fiction From Jon F. Merz and Joseph Nassise

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Announcing a brand new ebook of four thrilling tales from Jon F. Merz and Joseph Nassise…

4 for FRIDAY

Four tales – 20,000 words of pure adrenalized mayhem – available only for an extremely short time: FRIDAY for the incredibly amazing price of just $2.50

Available in any ebook format (pdf, epub, mobi, ltf) 4 for FRIDAY ships right away, as soon as you order it!


Barlow’s Game – On the streets of monster town, one veteran agent tracks an elusive killer and finds much more than he bargained for…
Roadside Memorials – What we do for the living, isn’t always right for the dead…
A Peaceable Mind – What happens when a simple assassination turns out to be anything but?
Siren Call – Sometimes it is best not to disturb that which lies dreaming in the dark…

PLUS, exclusive introductions to the stories direct from the authors themselves.

Don’t wait! Get 4 for FRIDAY right now by clicking the image:



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