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Yesterday Heather and I were walking the dogs when I spotted our recently disabled friend from a few posts back. That little bird with the funky leg. Remember him?

I know what you’re thinking. We found him on the ground half eaten by ants, right? Wrong. That little guy is still kicking, and still thriving. We saw him flying about twenty feet up and land on a power line almost on top of us. He looked pretty healthy, too. And seems to be getting used to standing on one leg. (Much less wobbling than the last time we saw him.)

And he was singing. Loud. I just kinda stood there for a minute, watching and listening. Amazed at how resilient wild animals can be. Doe we all have that toughness somewhere inside us? Our ancestors probably did, but I’m a wimp. I’d still be on painkillers if that was me.

I’m a little worried that infection might still set in. Does anyone know the likelihood of that? Should I try and catch him, futile as that seems, and take him to the vet? I’m usually a “let nature take its course” kind of guy, but I can’t help but root for this bird.

Tomorrow, when we are walking the dogs, I am going to take my camera with me. Hopefully I can get his picture.

Keep fighting, little guy.


Ellen C. Maze took some copies of 33 A.D. with her to ImagiCon over the weekend and put them on her table so I would at least have a presence there, even if I couldn’t be there myself.

Thanks so much, Ellen! I owe you!

Yup. Doing another one. I must be made of books. 🙂

Latest Goodreads Giveaway for 33 A.D.

My next Kindle book, SAYING GOODBYE TO THE SUN, should be up and running next week. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll post more about it as it comes closer.

Stupid Author Tricks

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It’s OK. You can laugh. I did. 🙂

I’m wearing this shirt today. I might even make more.

Ninjas in Australia?

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Now this is cool!

Ninjas Save Med Student From Muggers

I hope if I ever get mugged that some ninjas happen to be close by. Maybe I should ask Jon F. Merz if he knows any Tennessee ninjas…?

As promised, here are the numbers for my upcoming donations to flood relief in Nashville. These numbers are as of May 19, 2010, and date back to March 8, 2010, which is when I first released 33 A.D. as a Kindle book. They reflect the following values:

Print Copies: $1 for each copy sold will be donated to Nashville
EBooks: 50% of total royalties will be donated to Nashville

OK, now that the refresher is done, here are the actual numbers to date:

– Print Copies Sold: 44 – Total Donation: $44

– Kindle Copies Sold: 203 – Total Royalties: $120.05 – Total Donation: $60.03

– Smashwords Copies Sold: 6 – Total Royalties: $12.97 – Total Donation: $6.50

– Nook Copies Sold: Unknown

– iPad Copies Sold: Unknown

– Total Donations To Date: $110.53

Not too shabby. I’d like to send more, though. Over the next few days I’ll be contacting a couple of agencies to figure out which one I want to send the money to. I’m leaning towards the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, but I want to make sure the donation is allotted specifically for Nashville. I will post the agency in this thread as soon as I come to a decision.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased a copy, either print or electronic, since March 8. I plan to keep doing this until at least August, and might continue through the rest of the year, depending on response.

I’ll come back to this topic twice a month or so to keep everyone updated on how it’s going.

See Ya!

Saturday night, my wife, daughter, and I returned from dinner to find a little bird on our front porch. It didn’t fly away as we approached, and we knew something was wrong. When we got closer, we noticed the poor thing was soaking wet and one of its legs stuck straight out from its body, completely useless. We wanted to help, but it didn’t want anything to do with us, hopping away as best it could on its one good leg. We didn’t know what to do. It was 10PM on a Saturday night. We decided to let nature take its course, and went inside, figuring the bird probably would not last the night.

Sunday morning, the bird was not on our porch, and we figured one of the neighborhood cats probably got it. Imagine my surprise later that day when I saw it, squawking away, on a power line fifteen or so feet up. Its leg still stuck straight out, and the poor thing must have been in tremendous pain, but that didn’t stop it from carrying on as best it could. It could still fly, and so life goes on.

It reminded me of this quote: “I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” – David Herbert Lawrence

I found this very moving. If that was me, I’d have curled up on the ground and waited for the ambulance to come and shoot me full of drugs while they took care of me. But not that little bird. What I took from that experience is this: it just isn’t in the nature of animals to give up.

Sometimes we can learn a lot from them.