Why I Left Ghostwriter Publications

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Ok, I am not one who is prone to negativity, but I feel a solid need to share this information with anyone and everyone so that other writers do not go through this. In order to make certain I cannot be sued for Libel, I am sticking to things I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. This is more than enough of a warning to most, I think, but do keep in mind there is more, much more, that I can not state in a public forum due to the fact that I can’t actually prove it. But everything you will read below is 100% provable by saved emails, screen shots, bank records, etc.

Ok, ready? Here we go:

GWP (Ghostwriter) has been selling my work in one form or another since June of 2009. This is a fact. Check Amazon for an anthology called CREATURE FEATURE. My work is in that anthology. To date I have received not a single penny in payment. This is a fact I can prove with bank records.

In early January of this year, I bought several chapbooks from GWP. I can prove this with my email receipt. To this day, I have not received a single book. Likewise, my contributor copies for the aforementioned CREATURE FEATURE anthology never showed up at my house. OK, I can’t actually prove that I have not received any books. So if you choose not to believe that part, then I won’t argue. Although I do have my wife as a witness that they never came.

I have dealt exclusively with Neil Jackson, owner and operator of GWP. When questioned about these things, Neil becomes agitated and often rude. I can prove this with saved emails, as well as the following Facebook conversation. Please take a look at these images, I tried to make sure I got the whole conversation from beginning to end.

As you can see, this conversation went downhill in a big hurry. I especially like the part where he talks about beating me with a crowbar. Nice, huh? This has been fairly typical of Neil’s reactions when I question why my projects are being ignored or why I have yet to receive my books and/or royalties. Again, I can prove all this via saved emails. There is more that I can’t prove, like how long I have been waiting for Neil to send me the breaks for GRUBS that started this whole conversation, or what he has said to me in the past about the writers who left GWP and a few who have not. For now, the above should be enough to hopefully make you think twice about dealing with Neil and GWP.

I have forwarded all provable information to Preditors and Editors, and they have since (and very quickly, I might add) changed the Ghostwriter Publications entry to read Not Recommended.

I couldn’t agree more.

  1. Liz Strange says:

    Good for you David. That is unacceptable. I can’t imagine how he thought it was alright to treat anyone that way! Disgusting.

  2. What the hell? Wow. Sympathies. And what the hell?

  3. Bart Leib says:

    I seriously hope you’re considering legal action. From the sound of it you can prove they failed to follow through on contractual commitments.

    • mcafeeland says:

      I’m not honestly sure it’s worth it. I’d have to pay an attorney to sue overseas, and we aren’t talking about a lot of money here. I already have all my rights back.

      • Bart Leib says:

        Wow, I didn’t realize it was overseas. In that case you could be right, although perhaps you might want to consider a cease-and-desist on selling anything with your name in it, until he pays what he owes you.

  4. mcafeeland says:

    Not a bad idea, Barb. Thanks!

    • Bart Leib says:

      LOL, what is it about my name that makes people think it’s “Barb”? I get that at least once a month!

      • mcafeeland says:

        Oh, crap! Sorry Bart. My bad, shoulda been paying more attention. Only excuse I have is it’s been a very trying day. Lame, I know, but all I got.

  5. Sherie says:

    I’m glad my partner pulled out when he did. I never trusted the man from the beginning. It is horrible to see writers are being treated in such a manner.

  6. Kaolin Fire says:

    One wonders what he was actually “busy” with. Duping someone? Playing WOW? Or “writing”?

    Or just no better way to say “sod off I suck”?

  7. Bart Leib says:

    David, don’t worry about it. I’ve been called far stranger things – both accidentally and on purpose. Just today one of our new editors misspelled my last name.

  8. Damn, that is ridiculous behavior from anyone in any type of business. Sueing him might not be worth it in the long run; financially. But, getting the word out is an excellent idea. All writers who read this will be grateful for the warning.

    It truly sux that he thinks he can get away with that bs attitude. Kharma will bite him in the ass!

    Better luck with future endeavors though 🙂

  9. Sorry it turned out this way for you, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I was the first to withdraw my work from GWP over a year ago and spent a while warning people, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. I too know a lot about the man behind the company that I haven’t posted.

  10. I left Ghostwriter at about the same time as Shaun, We have both tried to warn other authors and most have not listened… some, have been downright rude.

    I have to back Shaun up on the knowing more business… so much more.

    Just glad to see that one more author has saved his own work from this dubious company.

  11. Terry Cooper says:

    I’m sorry to hear that news mate. I’ve worked with clients like that before – all very nice until they get their hands on your work, then the inner twat comes out. Good riddance to him, and kudos to you for pointing GWP out as a no-go area.

  12. Ray Wilson says:

    Damn, sorry to read that you experienced such mistreatment. I certainly hope people take this on board and don’t deal with GWP any more.

  13. Dan L says:

    That was totally unprofessional on Neil’s part. What an a$$hole. I wonder if his tongue would be so sharp if he weren’t across the ocean. You’re being selfish? LOL. Sounds like he’s being selfish. “I’m too busy to deal with you rigth now.” Who’s being selfish? And to get nasty towards you for asking a simple question, which you did put to him in a polite manner. Glad I didn’t buy anything from them. If Neil were over here, he’d be the one wearing a crowbar, compliments of me. Sorry to hear this happened to you David.

  14. Carson Buckingham says:

    And another one bites the dust! I had horrible dealings with that idiot Jackson, too, and pulled all my work several months ago, and had all rights returned. It was an exhausting ordeal–and everyone knows more than thay can say publicly. Talk to Simon Unsworth if you want an earful–that poor guy was really put through it!

    There is not enough Preparation H in the world to make Neil disappear!

    Commiserating with you,

  15. Tyhitia says:

    Awww, David. I’m so sorry. What a turd that guy is. :-/

  16. Beth says:

    Might I suggest that you also report this at the Absolute Writer forums if you haven’t. People there usually do listen. There will always be those who don’t, of course, but well, you can lead a horse to water and all that.

    And yes, that guy’s behavior is jawdropping. I hope your next experience is a better one.

  17. I’m all for patience and understanding when it comes to book/response/check delays (God knows I’ve seen my share of them), but in all my time working in this industry, I’ve never seen anyone act like that when asked a simple question, and it’s an obvious defensive reaction to being caught. If he didn’t want to be disturbed, what was he doing on Facebook with his IM on?

    I’m sorry you had to endure this David, and don’t let it sour your opinion of small presses. There are a lot of good ones out there, but a fair share of crappy ones too, run by egomaniacs with no talent. Treat it as a learning experience, spread the word far and wide, and move on.

  18. Friend says:

    You’ll get my email with this comment David.
    Sent me a note and we’ll talk about Jackson. Guy owes me also. And I’m not one to forgive and forget.
    Same as you, no author copies and no money for a story in CF.
    Sending money for books you don’t get is fraud brother.
    UK police will be interested in that.

    • Junebug63 says:

      I have had over 3 years experience with Neil Jackson, in Canada, and I can attest to the fact that he is a con man, he lies all the time, and has no conscience. He owes me thousands of dollars, and I know I’ll never see it. I feel for everyone on this post. He owes a lot of people in Canada a lot of money. I believe he is a sociopath.

      I’m new to this here, if anyone wants information, how do they contact me?

  19. Karissa says:

    Wow David, that’s awful. I’m so sorry this happened to you. That is INCREDIBLE. What an ass. I hope things get figured out for you.

  20. GNSfan says:

    Neil Jackson usually manages to cover his back and deflect blame…but there is just no way of dressing up such appalling behaviour. The man is an ass, not to mention a charlatan.

    This is surely the beginning of the end for the ill-fated Ghostwriter Publications. Authors are finally waking up and doing the sensible thing.

  21. Standing in the shadows says:

    I 100% concur. GWP have so many titles that I really want and would send the money for right this very second if I even half believed that the items I purchased would ever see the light of day. Alas, I soon learned that the company is nothing but a scam; rippig off authors and customers alike purely at the financial gain of one obnoxious man – a Mr Neil ‘Excuse-For-Everything’ Jackson’.

    I’ve now given up on the order that placed mid last year, knowing now that it will never be completed. Thank god I had the sense not to order any more titles – waiting on the completion of my original order first.

    Neil Jackson is a thief, a liar and a con artist. I cannot believe that I actually got excited about this new publisher. I just hope Guy N Smith hasn’t invested too much time & work into this so called publishers.

  22. onipar says:

    Wow, so sorry to hear this. I’ll be sure to avoid at all costs.

  23. J says:

    It’s rumored that Neil’s behavior was what killed Janet Fox. After many years of helping out writers via her “Scavenger’s Newsletter,” she expired in October of 2009, allegedly not long after having hearing about the Ghostwriter Publications situation.

    A “curse” placed on Neil from Ms. Fox’s loyal contacts has apparently started to properly unfold in that cavernous hemisphere he calls a brain-pan, creating nightmares, skin conditions, and erratic behavior.

    The plagues are only beginning. The wrath of these “black magicians” is rivaled only by the legendary Dr. Phibes. (smirk)

    When the love of his “life” says “enough” and leaves him for Mr. D – – – – -, Mr. Jackson will be cashing in his pawn ticket.

    So to speak.

    See listed website above for Ms. Fox’s obit.

    We miss you Janet. Terribly. God only knows why you left while questionable small press inepts are left paddling the Earth.

  24. […] They don’t stop if you get an agent or a publisher, either. I had (emphasis on the past tense, here) both. An agent shopped around my book to a handful of publishers. Literally five or six. No takers. So she said “good luck” and moved on. The following year, after many close calls, I found a publisher on my own. Ghostwriter Publications. Well, we all know how that worked out. […]

  25. Trekmakker says:

    Judging from the Facebook conversation alone, I think Neil is mentally ill. Only an irrational person would think to respond that way to such an innocent couple of questions.

    SURELY, Guy N. Smith doesn’t approve of this type of treatment/behavior, because if he does, I’m going to throw my crab books into the campfire.

    It would be a sad day if I had to raze my golden crab idol.

    This fiasco reminds me of the never to appear “The Last Dangerous Visions” that was to be edited by Harlan Ellison.

    Keep looking to the skies! Ghostwriter will correct all mistakes over time!

    (cough cough)

    ((you should live so long))

    If “Creature Feature” is still being listed on Amazon UK, then Amazon needs to know about the non payment of royalties. Is it true there is a “Creature Feature 2” planned? If so, Amazon should not sell it through their site, since authors are apparently being ripped off.

    I love being a writer, goddamn it!

  26. schweizerin says:

    Because of NJ’s actions, we have now have a suicidal son – gns’s apathy was unbelievable – emails giving full control and support did not happen. Never received anything so unpleasant as an email from NJ – he is worse than hitler

  27. Carson Buckingham says:

    Wow! I’m so very sorry to hear about your son, schweizerin! But I can also see how that could happen. Neil is what I refer to as a two-and-a-half percenter. Ther theory being that two and a half percent of the world’s population is certifiably psychotic, bu tthey never end up in the looney bins. However, they send everyone around them–who deals with them in any capacity–to the asylums while they walk free.

    I don’t understand how that man sleeps at night, with all the heartache and misery that can be laid at his door. The only thing we can all do is to speak about it to anyone who might benefit from it, as we are doing now, as well as seeking any legal remedies that are possible.


    This is the only way we can exterminate such vermin.

  28. Captain Justice says:

    Neil Jackson’s lowlife history of scams & life destroying goes back a long way, both in time & distance, some of which can be seen with a little online searching.

    He’s been able to move from scam to scam because he seems to use people’s talent & time etc & ends up owing lots of people relatively small amounts. People then feel foolish or that it’s too much hassle or cost to go about recovering their owings. It’s happened before & it looks like it’s happening again.

    Unfortunately, as others have stated, people don’t always seem to heed warnings until it’s too late, perhaps understandably getting swept up in the enthusiasm & promise of great things ahead. However, if you try to find evidence of Mr Jackson’s glorious career of film producing/directing/writing etc etc, you will find none as it’s all in his head. His past is littered with failed projects & promises that never mateialised.

    Neil Jackson preys on people’s hopes & dreams for his own financial gain & ego & then utterly shatters them & he will continue to do so until he is finally stopped.

    So surely now is the time to stand up to this miserable excuse for a human, get some justice & stop him just moving on to his next scam as gwp disintegrates. It’s distressing & appalling to see the effect he is having on some people, I’m sure everyone’s heart goes out to Schweizerin. Unfortunately he’s done this to people before & will again.

    There are so many people with the same complaints about being owed for work or money now, that, surely if these can be co-ordinated, something could be done. People are saying that they are owed relatively small amounts, but if enough people are in the same boat & get together, surely there would be power to do something about it? All these ‘small’ amounts add up quite nicely as far as Jackson is concerned.

    Be assured that Jackson will simply move on to the next scam, probably with glowing tales of what a great major publisher & author he was to go with his other grand tales. Everyone could just put it down to experience & move on, but that’s exactly what people have done in the past & why he’s now presiding over the gwp fiasco. I think all the people posting about what Jackson has done are decent people that wouldn’t like to see him moving on & literally destroying more lives. So I think everyone owes it to themselves, the people who’ve been scammed by him in the past & to the people that will be in the future unless we do something about it now. Efforts need to be combined. Perhaps in the short term, I could suggest as many people as possible contacting the BBC’s Watchdog? (A UK tv consumer programme exposing scams & the like). If they had a number of people all writing about the same person, perhaps they would start to look into it? There’s a lot of history to be uncovered & perhaps a professional journalist could start to get somewhere? Just an idea, but I’m sure there must be a way of co-ordinating all the complaints into an action that could do something.


  29. Captain Justice says:

    Further to the above, If anyone does want to do something about all this, then click on this link. You can leave information anonymously & be sure they’ll be looked into. At least you won’t be having to worry about costs & hassles of starting legal action etc.Again, the more people that do this, the better chance of somthing being done about it all. It’s anonymous & easy, so if you feel strongly enough, do it.


  30. Junebug63 says:

    I knew Jackson in Canada – nothing he started was ever finished – he failed at everything. He stole money from many people, including about $12,000 from an old friend in England. His ‘film school’ was just a front to fleece innocent, hopeful, and talented people. He strung people along with his phony promises, made every excuse in the universe. I have so much information about this con man it would make your head spin. He owes me thousands of dollars. He lies constantly about everything, don’t believe a word he says. He needs to be held accountable for his fraudulent actions. I wish I could have stopped him, but he threatened my family, and I felt my hands were tied.

    Threats and lies are what he does best. Underneath it all he’s a pitiful liar.

    Sarah, I hope you have seen him for what he is, and ditched him.

    David R, if you see this, I would love to hear from you.

    • David Rankin says:

      Hi everyone and Junebug63,
      I can only shake my head in sympathy and say that I was there before you with that *&^% Jackson. Yes he scammed me for £4,000 worth of equipment and £6,000 for the film school and when he came back to England I located him and have had a ‘person’ approach him but he even talked his way out of any further ‘approchment’ He is the most devious foulmouthed scam artist and guttersnipe and is sooo careful to tread the line between perceived crime petty crime and crime that the authorities would nick him for and I speak as an ex-cop!! He one of those people in society that lives of the aspirations and dreams of others and exploits it and like rats should be exterminated but unfortunately no can do that and he is so aware of it that is why he is so successful at exploiting the law. Time for a ‘sting’ I think and give him a taste of his own medicine. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers David R

  31. Carson Buckingham says:

    I have left info at both BBC Watchdogs and UK Crimestoppers at the links that Captain Justice has provided. I hope the rest of you will do the same. It’s long past time to get Neil and his con schemes shut down!


  32. Another person to contact is Johnathon Clifford… He can be found at http://www.vanitypublishing.info/

    Johnathon makes it his quest to bring down vanity and dishonest publishers.

    If a few of us drop him a line I would hope he would look into GWP.

  33. Carson Buckingham says:

    Have contacted him. Thanks for the link.

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  35. Friend says:

    Okay people, I know a fair bit about how Police procedure works so I’m going to make a suggestion here.
    June: If Jackson is wanted for fraud in Canada, or he has been officially listed with the Canadian Police as a Fraudster, then there will be a case file open for him. Cold as it may be.
    You need to go to the nearest Police station and ask to speak to a detective and ask him to notify the UK Police, preferably the Fraud Squad in London, that Jackson is now operating in the UK.
    You UK folk, Shaun and David? You need to go to a UK Police Station, or ring the UK Fraud Squad (They operate out of New Scotland Yard I think?) and have them open a file for Jackson in the UK.
    (Neil Jackson lives and runs GWP from Weymouth in the UK.)
    You then get the Canadian investigator to get in contact with the UK investigator.
    That should suffice.
    It won’t be a fast happenstance, as the Police are busy and this isn’t life and death, but get Canada and the UK police talking to each other and I feel sure that something will happen.
    Type Neil Jackson Ghostwriter Publications into Google search and follow various links and it quickly becomes apparent that Jackson is leaving a trail of deciet that is easy to follow.
    All of us who have complained about Jackson via the Internet have our stories at various websites.
    I’m surprised that GNS hasn’t posted up about Jackson on his own website, but I think Guy is keeping his head down and is trying to avoid being associated with Jackson.
    All we need is for one Police investigator to take an interest in Jackson and his game will be up. Fraud is fraud, no matter how big or small. Fraud can be prosecuted by the Police, as a criminal action, not just a civil one.
    I daresay Jackon is reading these posts and probably smirking…having got away with his Film School caper.
    Neil;you can run but you can’t hide – too many people are onto you now and we’re not going to let it rest – anyone who types your name into an internet search engine can now quickly discover your shortcomings – and it’s only going to get worse.
    And you probably can’t return to Canada can you? Because there may well be a warrant issued against you there.
    If there’s not I suspect there soon will be.
    All it takes is one person making a statement at a Canadian police station, then a file is open and on computer and automatically updated whenever someone else makes a similar complaint.
    You Canadian folk need to get together (via email) and see what you can come up with.
    The same story in the UK.
    I have emailed both the Watchdog sites listed by people above and fingers crossed that something will eventuate there also.

    I’m very interested to hear Shweizen’s story about his son and GNS apathy.

  36. Just helping out... says:

    If Neil owes anyone any money or royalties, I suggest that they contact him directly:

    Home address – 23 Hardwick Street, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7HU, UK
    Mobile number – 07948 485040

    I no longer wish to be associated with him. He has caused more misery to people than he will ever understand or give a second thought about.

    I hope you all continue standing up against this despicable excuse for a human being.

  37. The truth will out says:

    I see that Jackson is reporting his move on Facebook to Birkin House. The way he talks about it, he makes it seem he has bought the property, but anyone with any sense can do a search and find that it’s a bed and breakfast establishment, and he certainly doesn’t own it. He posts a few photos, all gleaned from the internet.:


  38. Carson Buckingham says:

    Oh, I can beat that one! Have you seen the latest photo of himself on FB leaning against a Rolls and implying that it’s his? He says that all the hours he’s worked (worked?!!?) have been worth it and business “continues to improve.”

    I have no idea how he manages to find pants to fit him…

    I also had no idea he was quite that short. Didn’t he play the Coroner munchkin in THE WIZARD OF OZ? Oh, no, sorry–that guy’s dead…and doing far less damage to society than Neil Jackson is perpetrating while alive.

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    • Flogging Molly says:

      This is because the masses want to see Neil Jackson get caught for his scams. It’s amazing that he’s gotten this far.

      Is he untouchable?

  40. The truth will out says:

    Wonder if his new landlords know his history?

  41. Carson Buckingham says:

    Here’s one for the books–apparently, his landlord has turned over Birkn House to him, if his posts are to be believed:

    “Neil Jackson has now been given the license to run the whole of Birkin House as a hotel and conference centre. Let the cashflow begin…”

  42. If they only knew says:

    Having read Mr Jackson’s constant tirade of bullshit on Facebook I can’t help but smile…

    Here he is claiming to be running Birkin House when in truth he is nothing more than a lodger, renting a room as he has apparently found himself on hard times… couldn’t afford the rent on the house… had to sell the car…

    The man has nothing to offer anyone yet manages to coast from one scam to the next… Will people ever learn.

    Everyone should ring up Birkin House and ask to speak to the owner…

  43. If they only knew says:

    As an amendment you can contact Birkin House on: 01305 260262

  44. Guy N Smith says:

    It has come to my notice recently that Neil Jackson, Ghostwriter Publications, has received some bad press in the forum, accusations of deceit, fraud, lies and theft. Some people are asking why I have not stepped in. The straightforward answer is that I have not had any reason to do so.
    Jackson contacted me in January 2008 and we met up in the summer of that year. He had some good ideas and I am sure that had he carried them out then he ands his writers would be in a different position today. Unfortunately he got side tracked and spent far too much time in chat rooms and publishing these so called Chap books.
    Consequently, his proposed publishing schedule fell behind. I signed three or four contracts with GWP and, to be fair several of my books were reissued, albeit a year or so later than scheduled.
    The books were of high quality, I could not fault them. They were delivered to my home to be sold through Black Hill Books. Hence I had control of the stock. Whether or not any more were printed and sold elsewhere by GWP I do not know. All kinds of merchandising arrived from GWP and again I suspected that Neil was being sidetracked with trivia at the expense of serious projects. All orders reported not to have been responded to, were those sent direct to GWP. Those received by ourselves were dispatched within 2-3 days, often by return of post. Our own customers will verify this.
    I make it absolutely clear that I have never invested any money in GWP. I believe that the delay and/or non – publications of other writer’s book was due to lack of finance.
    On two occasions GWP paid me royalties. After that I paid them their share of books sold by Black Hill Books and will continue to do so until stock runs out. I have not lost anything through a 21/2-year association with GWP.
    I heard stories from individuals about books ordered and paid for from GWP and not received. I forwarded their correspondence on to GWP and hoped that Neil might respond.
    At the outset it seemed an interesting project. A year or so on it was becoming tiresome. Contracts were basic and flawed, anyway, and I was happy to go along with these, as I knew I could pull the plug if necessary. After all, GWP was hardly a major publishing house. I did not invest much in the way of time; all the books were reissues any way.
    I sincerely sympathise with those authors whose hopes were raised and then dashed. Provided you have a copy of your work then you can offer it elsewhere and GWP have no claim on it.
    One writer has informed me that he has complained to both his lawyer and the police. The former was prepared to go ahead with litigation but informed him that it would probably cost him more than the sum of money he was owed. The police dismissed it as being a civil matter. Hence it seems that retribution is a non-starter.
    I can understand the anger and frustration of those who posted their grievances on the forum. I state Categorically that I was in no way involved with GWP’s business dealings. I merely let them re-issue a few titles, an agreement, which involved no risk to myself.
    Black Hill Books never advertise titles, which are not currently available and do not accept pre –publications money or offer discounts. If a title is out of stock when an order is received we make a refund. Over three decades our integrity has never been questioned.

  45. […] I’ve notice that many of the search terms people use to find my site have to do with Neil Jackson and Ghostwriter Publications. I guess that’s fair, since I spent a great deal of time ranting about them. I do get a lot of […]

    • stuartneild says:

      I walked away from Ghostwriter Publications myself a few weeks ago. It had been building up for a long time. I’d grown tired of Neil’s promises to bring my work out some months back, but decided to hang on that bit longer. Obviously this was the wrong move on my part. When I found out chapbooks with my name on had been paid for and not delivered to customers, I cut all ties with Ghostwriter Publications. Keeping me waiting is one thing, keeping people dangling for stuff they have paid for is another.
      I have in the past ordered other writers work from the company, and at first I was quite happy with the product. Then however, the waiting time from order to the actual item being delivered, became a joke. I’m still waiting for some orders months/weeks down the line.
      Like a lot of the other former writers with Ghostwriter Publications, I have not recieved a single penny for my work. I have recieved two copies of my Borley chapbook, but none of my SHJ chapbook. I don’t know if it was ever printed up, I guess that will be one of lifes mysteries.
      The biggest let down of all though in my eyes is how Ghostwriter has panned out. I said at the time and still say now, it was a fantastic idea and could have worked so well. When I think of the talent that was thrown away there, it amazes me.
      For all those writers who were burned with the ghostwriter experience, all I can say is, I know how you feel, but after this things can only get better. Indeed, after self publishing my book Gnomes on smashwords and kindle, I found myself moving forward more in a week than the 18 months I’d wasted with Ghostwriter.

  46. Junebug63 says:

    Just so everyone knows, Neil Jackson is not a publisher of any kind. He has no experience. He has set up this “publishing company” as a scam to take your money. He set up a film school in Canada, and had no experience of filming besides reading some books and doing some editing. He has never been to film school. He has never been to writing/journalism/publishing/business school. He took money from students and delivered very little. He took about $12,000 CDN from David Rankin and delivered nothing, and kept all of Mr. Rankin’s filming equipment.

    Neil Jackson is a very bad writer, too. His writing is stilted and clumsy, and has no variation, just like his ‘acting skills’. He will gladly take your money and give you nothing in return, and feel justified doing so. Fraud, con artist, scam, sociopath….all come to mind when Neil Jackson’s name is mentioned. He is clever enough to get away with it all, and will hide behind threats and loud noises. Note: when Neil Jackson gets all puffed up and loud and defensive, that’s when he’s lying. Notice that he’s puffed up and loud and defensive most of the time.

    I knew him for over 3 years in Canada. I know. He scammed me too.

  47. Dave Jeffery says:

    Sadly my experiences were similar to Stuart’s. A lesson learned. Hard.

  48. Shaun Jeffrey says:

    I know many people were quick to discount what Garry and I were saying many moons ago, but I’m glad (if that’s the right word in this case) to see that other people are now beginning to realise that perhaps we weren’t disgruntled, and that we withdrew our work and informed people for a reason.

  49. M says:

    As for directing our complaints regarding non- reciept of goods from GWP….. I ‘purchased’ around twenty quids worth of chapbooks months ago and have still not recieved them. I contacted NJ directly with my query and was told, “I have reciepts for them, I can prove that the books were posted.”
    However, when I asked him to provide copies of the reciepts, he told me he would “dig them out” and I never heard from him again.
    I did my research; visited author’s websites, blogs, etc and aparently GWP does not own the rights to most of these chapbooks any more as the authors have withdrawn them from GWP.
    This “company”, is clearly a scam!

  50. David C says:

    If “M” had used paypal or credit card to pay for the goods, then do a charge back and get your money bacj

  51. Woods says:

    I was scammed by this toolbag as well, it’s infuriating the shite spouted by the criminal Jackson on his facebook page. Also worrying that yet more decent writers seem to be getting involved with the crook despite the mass of information available online about his dodgy dealings. How is Willie Meikle still around? Is he the one person that gets paid or something? Sadly his involvement adds a sheen of respectability to the untrained eye, until you realise the whole thing is a complete scam.

  52. Michael Buck says:

    if there are enough scammed authors living in the UK, I suggest banding together and starting an action against Jackson in the small claims court. The SCC is designed exactly for this type of thing. No need to feel sorry for yourselves…actually do something! Maybe someone can get a joint mail going, addresses to all those who have posted comments on this thread. David?

  53. stuartneild says:

    I’m still hearing stories about people still waiting for stuff they ordered from GWP. Seeing as it’s nearly Xmas, if anyone ordered anything from GWP from any author, not just my titles and didn’t get what they paid for, pick one of my e-books, email me on facebook or at my email stuart_neild@hotmail.co.uk to which e-book of mine you might fancy and you can have it for free. Offer stands all this week. I know I left GWP awhile back, and I didn’t earn a penny from them, but I’m hoping I can do something a little positive about all this.

  54. mcafeeland says:

    This post just keeps on going and going and going…. 🙂 Good. I like it that way. I hope many potential authors who are thinking of working with Neil do a search for him on the internet and find their way here.

    Of course, I also hope Neil gets a bad case of rabies and has to have several painful vaccinations, but that’s unprofessional so let’s pretend I didn’t just say it.

    Thank you, Guy N. Smith for stopping by and clarifying a few things. Very much appreciated and I would like to point out that I never meant to imply that you had anything to do with Neil’s “work.” If I did so, my deepest apologies. You, sir, have my sincere respect and admiration.

  55. Scam watcher says:


    It’s interesting to follow the path blazed by Neil Jackson. I met him when he was in the middle of his film scam in Nanaimo.

    I read a blog posting about Neil the other day (http://authorbobfreeman.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/the-author-spotlight-shines-on-neil-jackson/) and caught something interesting.

    It was always assumed that everything he has said and done has been total BS, but after looking up the film he mentions in this interview. It appears that his failed scams date all the way back to 1997.

    someone should interview Neil, now that the jig is up.

  56. Bill B. says:

    All I can say is that the one physical book I ordered from GWP was never delivered, despite repeated assurances that it would be (followed by GWP ceasing to reply to my emails). I bought it again as an ebook and was able to download it, so my advice is if you really want to read something from GWP, get the ebook.

  57. Carson Buckingham says:

    Have you noticed that teh Ghostwriter Pubs site at wordpress has been taken down?

  58. Captain Justice says:

    Have any of you seen the reply from ‘N’ on David’s latest blog regarding his happy news? Is this a wind up or spoof in Jackson style?, or if it is Jackson it sounds like he really has lost it! Any thoughts?

  59. Carson Buckingham says:

    This is one hilarious satire!

  60. Jaq says:

    Dorchester/Leisure publishing is doing a GWP swan dive to Hell.
    Neil isn’t ruining, I mean running, Dorchester is he? LOL.


  61. David –

    I stumbled across your site after randomly googling GWP to see if anything new had come to light recently. I’d foolishly inked a print only, 1 year deal with Jackson for my book, The Unearthed. Over the course of 2009 and into 2010, it was due to be released several times by GWP and never was.

    Like you, I had to reach out to Jackson to get the bad news, rather than vice versa, and I always got some lame excuse. Finally, when pushed, he became extremely rude and unprofessional (which is putting it nicely), and I asked for my rights back. He never responded to that request (of course) and then my book disappeared from GWP’s site. So I guess that means he reverted the rights. There’s plenty more I won’t go into, but I’m glad to hear you’ve moved on. Best of luck in the future. If you ever want to vent about GWP more privately, email me at orock42@gmail.com.

    I also emailed P&E about this guy, and I really hope he gets what he deserves. Authors should stay away from him. Even this far removed from the experience, I’m still in shock at how I, and apparently everybody else, was treated.

    -Brian O’Rourke

    • mcafeeland says:

      Know what’s funny about this? Even now, over a year later, this post is still my most popular one.

      Glad folks are finding this post via searches.

  62. Which unfortunately means a lot of other people have been burned by this guy. It’s a damned shame that’s the case. But you’ve done other authors a service by blogging about this.

  63. buy kindle fire, kindle fire, kindle, amazon kindle fire, kindle fire apps, black firday…

    […]Why I Left Ghostwriter Publications « McAfee Land[…]…

    • mcafeeland says:

      I’m not sure why this pinged back to this particular post, but I’ll support it. Buy a Kindle Fire. I want one, too.

  64. It seems NJ really is a manager at Birkin House.

    That’s good. Means any one of us can drop in for a chat with our old chum, if we’re in the area.

    • All seeing eye says:

      His Facebook page says that he has purchased acreage in Nova Scotia (Canada).

      He is planning to jump again. At least the internet keeps us on top of these things 😉

  65. Ipad2 Vs Kindle…

    […]Why I Left Ghostwriter Publications « McAfee Land[…]…

  66. Captain Justice says:

    Boomerang Jackson, why aren’t people learning? it’s like groundhog day.


  67. KamenRiderFan says:

    I’m baffled how is this dude not in jail yet – he’s scammed everyone from, Canada to the UK – I can’t believe I went to this dudes film school, I could tell he was full of shit too I should of trusted my instincts first.

  68. Apparently, they’ve caught on to Neil at Birkin House–he and Sarah (the poor deluded soul) are now in the process of moving to Nova Scotia–lucky us–we’ll have him on THIS continent now. The filmmakers he scammed ought to get in touch with him–would be a little easier, I would think.

  69. […] NOTE: For those who don’t know, Mr. Jackson is my former “publisher” who basically stole some of my work and never paid me for it. He treated many other authors the same way, and if any of you are considering getting into writing, I urge you to stay away from him and others like him. Read some of the details of that whole mess here. […]

  70. […] Every book I have ever published, as well as every book I will ever publish. Until one of us goes on to the Great Library in the Sky. How will I accomplish this? well, every time I publish a book I will make sure one copy gets reserved for the winner of this contest, even if I have to buy the dang thing myself and ship it. I should probably note that this prize does exclude any books from Ghostwriter Publications, for obvious reasons. […]

  71. mela13 says:

    Responding professionally-
    Wow….what a horrible thing to have to deal with. As an aspiring writer, I am very appreciative that you shared this, so that we all know where NOT to go in the future.

    As a thinking, feeling human being-
    What a bloody ass!!! Good for you, letting him know where you stand, and I hope that you, or SOMEONE, is able to sue the pants of the bastard!!

    As a total Fan Girl-
    Good luck with that situation, and I will be entering your contest!!! Love your work!

    • mcafeeland says:

      Thank you. The whole fiasco was good, in a way. It helped me to know what kinds of things to watch out for when looking for a publisher. Also, I was so frustrated after dealing with it all that I made the decision to go it alone, and that’s worked out pretty well so far. 🙂

  72. Jaime Johnesee says:

    An update on Neil Jackson and Pig and Cow. After a couple blogposts showing he had recycled covers (including mine) an artist popped up and found his artwork on a book cover supposedly designed by Neil. He has since vanished from Facebook and it’s unknown whether or not he will open his website http://www.pigandcowdesigns.com or not. He had stated
    before vanishing he was done creating cover art.
    Anyway here are the links to the blogposts I mentioned above.



  73. A.J. says:

    I remember whe he was running the Nanaimo film school in 2005. Someone I met told him about myself being a writer and he tried to recruit me. I could tell he was a liar from the start and I spent a week drilling him in negotiations. He wouldn’t pay anyone for their services, instead offered them pirated film software for their help. In the end I walked away cause I didn’t trust him. Later that year, he closed up shop after cashing in all of his student’s cheques (which I might add that the film school did not provide any certification or anything valuable to help students once they completed his so called course and each student paid at least $5000) and he scammed his girlfriend too out of all her money too and he disappeared. I’m glad I didn’t get caught up with him but I feel for everyone who has.

  74. Whiskey River says:

    I still have the crab keychain NJ sent me. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the fiasco. To be fair, everything I ordered from NJ eventually came, or if not available, a suitable substitute. What little I ordered direct from Guy arrived astoundingly fast. Guy certainly seems like a nice, stable person.

    The big lesson here for new writers is to be cautious and do your research.

    All this feels like ancient history, but in another way, feels like last week. When you’re duped and fall for a lot of empty promises, it always remains fresh. While my chapbook was published, it didn’t come out in one of the nicer colored versions and there were problems with it being delivered to some of my friends who ordered it and it contained editing problems.

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