As If The Cowboys Losing Sunday Night Wasn’t Bad Enough…

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ugh. So…the Cowboys lose to the Giants (Hi Angelle, I know you’re just as upset about that as I am), and then I have a nice little adventure while installing new speakers in my car. It’s funny…NOW. It wasn’t funny last night, though.

Heh, if you ever wanted to see me mad, yesterday would have been a great time. I went to replace my speakers Saturday, but had to stop after the first one because it started raining. So yesterday after work, since it was nice, I figured I’d get the other one. I was armed with new knowledge gleaned from the internet, and ready for a much easier install based on said new know-how.

So I get the door panel off, the seat belt off, the power windows disconnected, the pillar cover off, the speaker out, etc. basically I’ve got the door down to its guts. Not hard to do, but just time consuming enough to be a problem when I’m on a time limit. (We had a gym appointment last night) I get the new speaker in, check it to make sure it’s working, especially since the wires weren’t color-coordinated. (glad I did, too, because I had the pos and neg wires mixed up…speakers don’t sound good that way) I even found the cause of my door lock issues (the inside latch would not lock the door, it could only be locked from the outside with the key) which turned out to be nothing more serious than a loose clip. Easy fix, and now the door locks work 100%. Yay. I put the whole thing back together, feeling very manly and pleased with myself. (On a side note, for some reason those two feelings go together quite often) I get to the very last step in putting the door back together. Seriously. The. Last. Step. Plenty of time on the clock to eat, and get to the gym, maybe even watch a little TV.

I go to put the pillar cover back on, it just takes one screw. One last measly little screw and I’m done. Simple, right? Not for me. I dropped the screw down inside the door. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I take the door completely apart a second time, only this time it’s even more involved because I have to take off the seat belt unit in order to see into the door. Now time is running low and Heather is calling me and letting me know dinner is ready and we have to hurry. But I can’t leave the car sitting like it is, so I have no choice but to press on. I look around inside the door for the screw and can’t find it. Then after five minutes of searching (during which time Heather has called out again that we need to get going), I see that the screw is on the ground by the door and I realize I must have knocked it out while taking the door apart that second time. OK, great. At least I now have the screw and can get on with things.

So I put the door back together, again, and by this time Heather has called out to me no less than three times to let me know we aren’t going to make it unless I hurry. So I hurry. I’m sweaty, I’ve got door grease on my fingers and all up my arm, and even on my shorts. After a little mumbles swearing I finally get back to that last step. This time I’m very careful. I hold the screw with needle nose pliers to steady it while I get the threads started. But when I go to screw it in, I accidentally nudge the darn screw with the screwdriver. Not much of a bump, but just enough to knock it loose from the pliers and plop! Down into the door it goes a second time. Can you say &#@*ing son of a #@*%ing @*%#? I can. And did. Repeatedly.

My pliers and screwdriver were found ten minutes later in the neighbor’s yard. We made it to the gym on time, but there’s a screw rattling around in the door of my 300ZX right now that I will have to take care of this weekend, provided the sun cooperates.

Sounds like fun, right? It wasan’t. 😛

Anyway, sorry for the month-long silence. I actually have some writing news coming up, but I can’t say anything yet. I dunno if it’s good news or bad news, but it IS news, just the same.

Stay Tuned.

  1. angelle says:

    ugh ew. that’s frustrating and awful. i’m assuming (knowing nothing abut cars even though i drive one) that its a very specific screw you couldn’t replace with another one?

    re: cowboys – romo was awful. he has to stop playing like that if we ever hope to WIN A PLAYOFF game. i mean, i think we’ve all been patient, waiting for him to come to his full potential. he’s a risky qb and that results in some errors, but COME ON. it’s what, 4? 5? years later and he’s still pulling this stuff? by the end of the game, i was like, DONT LET HIM THROW THE BALL! though i have to say it was awesome when he ran the ball in for the TD himself. he can run okay to the goal from a few feet apparently. still can’t throw. haha. im worried abt barber being out — he was one of the few redeeming factors on sundays game. defense was like swiss cheese. though i suppose, all things considered, it was amazing it came down to a last second field goal, so i don’t feel too badly about it. i mean, ive decided to lower my expectations for this season, so i dont get my heartbroken again. i just hope we pull off this season with a winning record. at least i found the cowboys bar in ny so i dont feel alone in my misery…

    hoping for good things on monday though. waiting for #9 to remind me about why i used to love him so much!

    • mcafeeland says:

      You assume correctly, Angelle. I would have to remove the one from the other side, take it to the store, and hope they had one like it. Odd aren’t good as it’s a real funky screw…

      It’s not entirely Romo’s fault. A) Romo doesn’t call the plays. Jason Garret needed to stick with the run game because we weren’t making any progress through the air. I can’t understand why he insisted on passing when we wer smokin’ hot with the run. Makes no sense to me. B) Where was our pass defense? The turnovers were costly, but in the last three minutes, with the game on the line, our secondary did the same thing they did all game, and that was to let Eli and a group of inexperienced receivers slice right through them and get downfield. If our secondary holds up against the pass, that game is won, despite the four turnovers.

      I’m disappointed, and yes some of that is on Romo, but I’m more disappointed with the team as a whole. Everyone except the Defensive Line played terrible. I think they spent too much time concentrating on the run D and forgot to run pass D drills, that would explain why our secondary looked so lost most of the game.

  2. Tyhitia says:

    Awww, David. 😦 I know that screw bouncing around in the door will drive you nuts until you fix it. 😉 Get it done.

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