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Posted: May 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

I got a Tweet today from someone who read my bio on Twitter. He said my book was on his To Be Read List in advance. It’s not the first such message I’ve gotten, but I still enjoy getting them. OK, seriously, how cool is it that my book is already on someone’s list over a year before its release date? I think it’s pretty darn cool, personally.

Of course, this makes it sound like I am bragging, but what I really wanted to talk about was the TBR List itself. Mine is huge. HUGE! I have books on there by authors I love but haven’t read in a while (Terry Goodkind, R.A. Salvatore, and Piers Anthony, to name a few), as well as books by authors I’ve never read like Cormac McCarthy, and Kate Mosse.

Every once in a while I’ll push a book to the top of the TBR list, like WINGS, by Aprilynne Pike, PARALLAX, by Jon F. Merz, or LAMB: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BIFF, CHRIST’S CHILDHOOD PAL, by Christopher Moore. Those are all books I waited for with eager eyes, and I highly recommend each of them, even though they are all very different from each other.

Which brings me to my point and my question. (yes, there’s a point, and also a question, go figure!) I am very eclectic when it comes to books, movies, television shows, and music. In my CD collection I have everything from Randy Travis to Slipknot. Seriously. With equal sprinklings of just about everything in between. The same can be said for my book collection (much of which is still on my TBR List). I have classics like CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, as well as contemporary greats like LOTTERY (Patricia Wood) and INFECTED (Scott Sigler). I have YA, MG, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Quirky, Urban Fantasy, Thrillers, Humor, Paranormal Thrillers, Historical, even Religious and some Non Fiction. Quite simply, I like a little bit of everything.

I even have two separate lists; one for home and one for work. It’s silly, but I kept forgetting my book at one place or the other and had to constantly start something new because the book I was reading was at work, or at home, or in my backpack on motorcycle days. So now I keep two books active at all times and just read them in tandem.

The next book on my Home TBR list is Seth Harwood’s JACK WAKES UP (I finished LAMB last night). I’m reading PARALLAX by Jon F. Merz at work, and after that I have a beta reading project to read (I do those at work, too).

So, for the two or three people who read this blog, I was just wondering what your TBR Lists look like. Are you mostly into Romance? Genre fiction? Non fiction? What? Tell me, already.

Oh, and make sure you put my book on your TBR List. 😉

  1. thommalyn says:

    Like you, I enjoy a little bit of everything: literature, love stories, book club fiction, sci fi, fantasy, mystery. I love a good story with compelling characters, and genre doesn’t matter much to me.

    How fabulous that your book is already on TBR lists a year before it comes out! Congratulations. (and it’s on my TBR list, too. 😀 )

  2. Ah, the TBR list. Like you, what I actually end up reading tends to be a combination of what’s on top of my TBR list, and whatever happens to get slipped in for whatever reason. I’ve mostly been focusing on science fiction, and have been reading things like DARWIN’S RADIO, ENDER’S GAME, and RED MARS. Just as I was about to pick up something different (THE WHITE TIGER), I suddenly had to read THE SPEED OF DARK for some reason. And to make matter worse, now I’m slipping in some graphic novels, as well. The fact that I usually read on a Kindle is bad news because the Kindle makes it so easy to get something other than what I already have to read.

    Interestingly, Cormac McCarthy is on my TBR list, as well. And I think he’s getting very high up there, too.

    So what kind of bike do you ride?


    • mcafeeland says:

      Hi Christian,

      Yes, I know what you mean. It’s never a set list so much as it is a philosophy. I’ll eventually get to everything on it, just not in any specific order.

      I ride a 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250. All stock for now. (Though I’d like to get a better muffler.) Do you ride?

      • cantre11 says:

        I ride a Suzuki DL650 (V-Strom). Mechanically, it’s all stock, but i’ve added quite a few accessories. It’s the grey one:

        Sorry to hijack the conversation. 🙂


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